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No sound at startup and shutdown

I lost my sounds at startup and shutdown (all other sounds are played). It is not a hardware problem, because if I login as another user the startup sound is played. In 'Control Panel->Sound and audio device' the sound is set to the default windows sounds and the volume is at maximum.
I also looked in the registry, if the sounds are deactivated, but in 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Control Panel->Sound' the key 'Beep' is set to 'yes', the key 'ExtendedSounds' is also set to 'yes' and the (Standard) key has '(value not set)'. For the other user the keys look exactly the same.
I even exported the registry 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER->AppEvents->Schemes' from the other user and replaced it in my registry, but still no sound.
Is there another possibility to deactivate only the sounds at startup and shutdown? Thanks for your help!
1 Solution
Have u tried using the default sound scheme from sounds and multimedia properties in control panel?
Have u checked 'HKEY_USERS->.DEFAULT->Control Panel->Sound' and there must be too no '...Control->Panel->Sounds'? How about the DispFileName = @mmsys.cpl,-5853 (e.g. -5835) in the 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER->AppEvents->Schemes', stil there?
Hi ackerjun,

had exactly the same problem, turns out it was very simple to fix.
Try This: Click on start then on run.Type in regedit and click ok.Your going to see 5 folders that start with HKEY_. Click on the plus sign on HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

On the right hand side their should be a key under "Name"that says (Default)and under "Type" it will say REG_SZ,Under "Data" it will be Blank(IF your familiar with regedit this is strange because it should say (Value not set )Which is the default for this type of key.Here is the cool part finally:LEFT click on (Default) so it is highlighted then go back over to the tabs on the upper left and LEFT click on Edit and delete it watch as (value not set)appears magically under Data before your eyes.Exit out of regedit and turn your volume up and restart your computer for a big surprise..........(answer was found on internet from a nick shakleford)
after reboot, all my startup/shutdown/sound effects were working again!


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IT WORKS, IT WORKS! well, this Nick Shlackerford did it good! Many thx to kronckew too!
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ackerjunAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much Wayne. You solved my problem. I never thought it would be that easy.
I spent hours trying to find the answer. Actually, I already gave up and accepted the lack of my startup-sound.
Windows is so easy!!! (if you know how it works)

Thanks again!


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