FTP component problem!!

Hello all :)

i have been using the FTP client component of ICS.i can set up a connection to the server and also send Syst command.the thing is i cant figure out what i need to do next.i do have a list of FTP commands(thanks w00t)and ICS says about the availiable commands the component supports but still dont know how it goes.

Anyway i have a ShellistView component (Samples tab)in order to view the files of my client.i then have another one that i want to link that to show the remote servers directories & files,can sb help me on how to do this?
thats my problem ,i sent syst get a reply back.then i guess i have to send sth like Cwd and then need to list the contents of the server in the ShellistView.

Also i have a memo where th server's response is displayed.
< 331 Password required for hn3ae.
> PASS mypasswordHere
< 230 User paiste logged in.
< 215 UNIX Type: L8

how on earth can i hide the > PASS mypasswordHere  and have it like PASS (hidden) or PASS *** or generally not be displayed.

Thanks and sorry for the long post :)
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swift99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
>> i have the problem of the password being displayed at the response of the server i get back

Yes ... a password is just text.  The program displays "the response you get back", which is just text.  Unless the display process has some way of identifying the password out of a text stream and changing what it displays, it will always display the password.

The GUI control does not have the pattern matching AI behind it to automagically recognize that it is receiving a password so it should change the display.

My suggestion is to not display anything.
As long as you are displaying the data stream without concern for the context, you will display whatever is sent.  When you display, you will need to check the component state and if it is transmitting a password then you will want to display * instead of the chars transmitted.
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paiste802Author Commented:
hi,swift99, i have just set the passwordchar property of the editbox of the password to be * so everything i type is displayed as * but again i have the problem of the password being displayed at the response of the server i get back.

i still cant get around with the other problem
anyone else has a solution?
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