My window will not clear itself (vc++)'s an interesting problem. I am using Visual C++ (6.0). Well....I am trying to get my window to clear ( in a console app. ). Well, at school (that uses Borland C++ 5.01) I've always used clrscr() from the conio.h file. But....when I include the header file and try and use the doesn't work, and gives me one or more (typically more) errors. What's wrong and what should I be doing that I'm not?
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Try including conio.c

Your conio at home might be not be including the actual implementation of conio.

What are your errors?

If that still doesn't work, try:

and you'll need stdlib.h

Hope this helps.
Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
Conio.h is screen-based, whereas Visual C++ is window-based. But I guess when you excute a new program, it starts automatically in a cleared window.

This question is pretty often.

For years I've been using Borland C++ and can not imagine how hard is life without clrscr(), gotoxy(), textcolor() etc.

I can't believe Microsoft can not make it. Is there some license issue or something ?
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Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
That's why I prefer to work with Java. Its also platform-independent. But VC must be having some equivalent method I'm unaware of.

It is rather silly to try to do GUI stuff in a console app (which is why Microsoft does not bother to supply a high-level library of fns like cls and the beloved Borland gotoxy -- what is this, 1985?).  But there is a complete set of primitives one can use to manipulate the console.  For instance, here is a cls() fn and an example of usage.

#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>   // for printf

void cls()
     HANDLE hConScreen=  GetStdHandle( STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE );

     GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo(hConScreen, &rCBI );
     int nScreenBytesTotal= rCBI.dwSize.X * rCBI.dwSize.Y;


     COORD pt; pt.X=0; pt.Y=0;
     DWORD nActual;
     FillConsoleOutputCharacter( hConScreen, ' ', nScreenBytesTotal, pt, &nActual );
     FillConsoleOutputAttribute( hConScreen, ClrWhiteOnBlack , nScreenBytesTotal, pt, &nActual );

void main()
     printf("hi there\n");
     printf("hi there\n");
     printf("hi there\n");
     printf("hi there\n");
     printf("hi there\n");
     printf("hi there\n");
     printf("hi there\n");

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