Outlook XP problem re: Exchange Server

First, let me say I AM NOT THE IT PERSON..but I am the poor shmuck with just a little technical knowledge that gets their name called across the office whenever something goes wrong...(thanks for the sympathy!)

We have 7 indy systems, running through one server. It's on a DSL (I know, I know--get a T1..but that's not an option right now). EVERY time we send/receive in Outlook XP, a little window pops up, "retreiving data from the Microsoft exchange Server" and it takes FOREVER...we've checked the speed ont he DSL, we've opened and reopened ports, we've gone through the options and triggers and blah blah blah...NOTHING is working.

What else can I try?
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Here is the only solution that I have found.  I am running Citrix in my environment on a local Lan and get the same popups.  You can turn off the popups on the client side and increase the time before it makes the call and the box pops up.


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