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I am helping with a site and cannot recreate this problem on my computer.  They are having problems seeing switched images in Dreamweaver.  The problem occurs when the page is opened the image is viewable, but when it is changed to another image it a grey icon box appears.  (The site is in .asp and has includes.)  It does not matter what letter case the image is, when they switch it out the new one is not visable.  Here's the catch.  Most of the time if the first letter is swiched to the alternative case the image shows up.  I don't know if this makes any difference, but we are running on windows and they are running on novell.  The question:  how do I get the images to show up on their computer?
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Make sure the file names match what you used in DW. It sounds like they don't. ANd make sure the files are uploaded and you're not linking to your hard drive.
rmhsaAuthor Commented:
the image names were identical.  i tried renaming them to see whether it was an issue with capitalization.  
Do you mean greyed out in design time or runtime ?
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>> Most of the time if the first letter is swiched to the alternative case the image shows up.

Which certainly sounds like case issues to me... but there could be multiple other things wrong as well.

How big are the images? How many? Are they mouseovers? If so, do you have a preloader? Where is the site? Is the server adequate? Does it have bandwidth issues? What else is in your page? Does it have a lot of javascript? Did you use Flash for the buttons? Is the computer viewing them adequate? Does it have enough video memory? How old is it? What browser? What version? What OS?

That's just for starters...
rmhsaAuthor Commented:
*Do you mean greyed out in design time or runtime ?  I’m assuming design time.

*How big are the images? No bigger than 18kb, average about 13-14kb (175x150px)
*How many? Just one.
*Are they mouseovers? no
*If so, do you have a preloader?
*Where is the site? pages in question are like 
*Is the server adequate? yes
*Does it have bandwidth issues? no
*What else is in your page? Text and standard architecture.
*Does it have a lot of javascript? Yes w/ ASP in includes (written using homesite)
*Did you use Flash for the buttons? No
*Is the computer viewing them adequate? Yes
*Does it have enough video memory? Yes
*How old is it? About a month-ish
*What browser? explorer
*What version? 6.0
*What OS? Windows 2000 but they have Novell

The problem is they can’t see it in dreamweaver.  It looks ok in the browser.
Then don't worry about it. DW doesn't matter. The BROWSER matters. They WON'T see it in DW -- the paths/images either aren't there or aren't where they need to be.

If it's ASP most of it isn't going to work -- it's server side code, DW will only show the includes, nothing else.

DW is NOT a way to check the pages. It's not even CLOSE. You can NEVER depend on it. NEVER. I have TONS of stuff that won't display correctly (if at all) in DW. That doesn't mean it's WRONG.
rmhsaAuthor Commented:
it's important to them, for testing purposes, that they be able to see the images in dreamweaver.  the code and architecture (asp includes) are not the issue at this point.  the site displays correctly in the browser, which is great.  most of the pictures usually show up and the paths are good.  there has to be a reason why dreamweaver is so erratic about displaying.  
It doesn't handle the paths the same way. If you're using a / to start the path from the root, it won't recognize it.

So if you do it right for the browser, DW doesn't show the image. If you want to use the ../../ whatever syntax and set the path that way, it will work. However, if you've got the site set up with folders/subfolders and need to use images from a central location, you're going to have to calculate the path up and down to the images from the location of the file. This is a pain, to say the least.

Easier to do it off the root, which the browser has no problem with.
something you might  be able to try:

Do you have dreamweaver set up mapped to the network? By this I mean if you are in windows explorer is there a drive that will connect you to your www directory (that is viewed on the web).   If not ask if it can be set up that way.  (the final result will be the ability to type in something like W: and it will open your directory just like it is on your computer.)

If you have that working you can set up your site in Dreamweaver to point to W: and dreamweaver thinks it is modifing things localy and it can find the pictures.  just make sure that you don't start linking pictures in  a way that they search W:pictures/img01.jpg  because then it will look good on your computer but not anywhere else.  all pictures src should look like "/pictures/img01.jpg" or "../pictures.img01.jpg"

let me know if this works

DW does not always deal with /pictures/img01.jpg correctly. I've got lots of things set up that way, and they NEVER show up right in DW. They're fine on the browser, and they need to be that way because they're in nested sub-directories and it's a pain (especially on repeated code) to do all the ../../../ stuff -- and on a template, it will NOT work correctly when you nest the directories unless you use the /directory reference.
rmhsaAuthor Commented:
the site has been imported and mapped to the correct folder and sometimes the imgs show up.  img mapping is correct (ie /img.jpg etc).  my question deals with why the program sometimes shows imgs and sometimes displays the grey icon box.  i've checked and double checked the pathing and all that. alas i'm not sure why this is.
Like I've said before -- DW does NOT always deal correctly with paths if they're NOT mapped RELATIVE TO THE LOCATION OF THE PAGE. Map it off the ROOT (using /) and it WILL NOT show up. It MIGHT if the image is in the SAME folder, but if it's up a level (or more) it WILL NOT SHOW UP IN DW. It will be fine in the BROWSER.

I have this happen all the time. I don't even pay attention to it anymore.

Also -- what KIND of images? Flash images don't show up, dynamic images don't show up, and javascript pieces don't show up.

DW is NOT a browser. You CANNOT depend on what you see there. If you do, the site is almost GUARANTEED not to look the same in the browser. It might not work AT ALL.

Where do you want it to work? On their machine or where it counts?

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