Windows fail to start after crashing.

I'm a power-gamer, and i love the latest 3D games such as C&C Generals. My computer keep crashing when I play for an about an hour or so, but that was fine until lately. The computer shuts down, and when I tried to start it up again it stuck at the start-up screen. The blue thing that scroll across just stuck after a while and stays there. I've tried so many things to get it running (from safe mode, which i can go to but not normal mode): unistall the game and some other software, disable certain devices, repair windows, retoring, you name it. But nothing seems to work. So just give up on it. But then when I turn it up next time, it works fine.

From there on, when ever the computer crashes, it does that. Stuck on start-up. Then I just follow the whole process ads before. Sometimes it takes just a few tries, sometimes it take a hell of a long time. I couldn't even figure out what fixed it. It's weird.

But then I checked the events log. and this is what it says about the problem:

The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load:

Can some one please tell how to fix this problem. I've tried to download and install Windows XP patched but still does the same problem when it crash. In case you are wondering, my whole system is pretty good, Athlon XP 1800+, 768 MB DDR RAM (133), 40GB hard drive, GForce 4 Ti4200 with 64 MB memory. And i've tested them as well, they work fine on my other 2 computers.

Some help please.


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Well it comes across as over heating problem. Some mother boards need to have ther BIOS updated so it will be in sync with XP's heat monitoring. Have you updated the BIOS?
Check to make sure all the fans are working and cooling properly. Keep an eye on the tempature of the machine. If it is overheating the might explain in part why it the system won't restart right away sometime.

Also some of the newer nvida drivers are a bit flaky you might consider experimenting with other version of these drivers.

You may get better results using a slightly older version

Go to the following link

Click on Videocard Drivers
Then Click on NVIDIA detonator drivers

and there are several pages worth of NVida drivers.

Comment from DisTreSs      12/13/2002 11:43AM PST

I apparantly got my issue fixed by setting the output delay in the RAM properties in the BIOS to FF.
This was suggested in a long thread over at where lots of users experienced the same problems...
Have been working on the machine as I write this for the past hour after a cold boot without a hitch :D

hope this helps someone.
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Oops disregard that last post of mine. Sorry I posted it in the wrong question.
paenil1Author Commented:
Thanks CrazyOne, yes the fans are working properly , so as all the hardware (as i already mention). For the heat however, i don't have software that actually measures it while the system is running. But i had a look at the BIOS tempature meter and it shows 40-50 C for the CPU. Now that should be fine (this is after playing BattleField 1942 for 30 minutes, then restart and enter set-up). But for the vedio card, i have no way of monitoring the tempature.
Ok lets do this to see if we can get an error to pop up

Right-click My Computer, click Properties, click the Advanced tab, and then click Settings under Startup and Recovery and uncheck Automatically Reboot.

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paenil1Author Commented:
Ok I'll give this one a try. But I'll will be very carefull not to crash the computer again just in case this might not work out. I haven't even got an answer from Micro$oft about this problem. I'll keep you posted if there are any changes.

paenil1Author Commented:
It didn't stop my computer from crashing, but it sure did stopped it from hanging at startup. This time when it crash, a blue screen shows up (blue screen of death). It says that there was a problem with the file nv4_disp.dll and that is doing a physical memory dump.

I check this out on the Micro$oft website and it say it was the graphic card's driver. I didn't try their solution but just bought a PCI fan and put it next to the graphics card. Ever since then, it never crashed.

Thanks alot mate. Cheers

Glad it was a relatively easy fix. :>)
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