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Any software can read ID information??


Is there a software that can view the information of the ID that have been created.  Reason is because we have lots of IDs created for each users but have difficulty identifying which ID is belong to which users.

So, i would like to know whether is there a software that can actually read the IDs and tell me what is the maybe the name of the ID created for.

I know this can be done if we are at the server end.  but what if the administrator are at the remote area and we want to copy the ID from the server to to the client station they have to know which ID is the correct one.

I hope you guys know what i am trying to say......

Thanx in advance.
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I just opened my Notes ID file in Notepad, and, while there was a lot of unreadable (non-text) data in there, I also clearly saw my full hierarchical name in there:

CN=Bob Smith/OU=Chicago/OU=America/O=Company

Other than that, I don't think you'll find any products out there to read Notes ID's, since the data in these files in stored encrypted in a proprietary format.


kainzAuthor Commented:
Hi Scott,

Hey Scott, thats good enough for me. man....  thanks for the advice!!!!
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