Getting a  field from the Database and displaying in a list:

Posted on 2003-03-12
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Last Modified: 2013-12-27

Im having this problem. In the first form of my application i enter a Car Registration number in a field, in all other other forms i enter car details associated with that Car Registration number, and when i enter all the Car Details i save it to the database on the PalmPilot. When it saves it, it puts the Car Registration number in a list on a viewDatabase form, so when  i want to view the database, i see the the first registration number in the list, i click it and it shows me all the details to do with that registration number. The problem is that when i start again, ie put in a registration number, and all the associated details, and save etc, it overwrites the registration number that i previously entered, instead of putting it below the Registration Number, and i entered previously.

My email address is 9939318@student.ul.ie
I think that its a problem with my Index, when i write to the database.
Here is some of code below

This first of all puts the Location on top of the list, ina  nother form

Boolean ViewOffencesFormHandleEvent(EventType * eventP)
    Boolean handled = false;
    FormType * frmP;
    Char *choices;
      ListPtr      lst;
      UInt16 itemIndex, textLen, choicesOffset = 0, i;
      UInt16 NumRecords = 1;
      Err      error;
      FYPDB *RecordPointer2;
      //UInt16 index = 0;

    switch (eventP->eType)

      LstSetSelection(GetObjectPtr(ViewOffencesRegNumbersList), -1);
      case frmOpenEvent:
        // Get a pointer to the main form.          
          frmP = FrmGetActiveForm();

            // Get the number of records currently in the application's database.
            NumRecords = DmNumRecords(gDatabase);
            if (NumRecords)
                  // Prepare to setup the contents of the list for the main form.
                  // Get a pointer to the list object.
                  lst = GetObjectPtr(ViewOffencesRegNumbersList);
                  //itemIndex = FrmGetObjectIndex(frmP, ViewOffencesRegNumbersList);
                  //lst = FrmGetObjectPtr(frmP, itemIndex);
                  // Allocate an initial block for the list choices.
                  ChoicesHandle = MemHandleNew(sizeof(char));
                  // Lock down the block and set it's initial value to an empty string.
                  choices = MemHandleLock(ChoicesHandle);
                  *choices = 0;
                  // Build up the choices.  
                  // A sequence of strings packed one after another, one for each record.
                  for (itemIndex = 0; itemIndex < NumRecords; itemIndex++)
                              // Retrieve the record from the database and lock it down.
                              RecHandle = DmGetRecord(gDatabase, itemIndex);
                              RecordPointer2 = MemHandleLock(RecHandle);
                              textLen = StrLen(RecordPointer2->Location);

                              // Grow the choices buffer to accomodate the new string. We must unlock
                              // the chunk so that the Memory Manager can move the chunk if neccessary to
                              // grow it.
                              error = MemHandleResize(ChoicesHandle, textLen + choicesOffset + sizeof('\0'));
                              choices = MemHandleLock(ChoicesHandle);
                              // Check for fatal error.
                              ErrFatalDisplayIf(error, "Could not grow choices for list.");
                              // Copy the text from the record to the choices buffer.
                              for (i = 0; i < textLen; i++)
                                    choices[choicesOffset + i] = RecordPointer2->Location[i];
                              // Update the end of choices offset and set a zero terminator
                              // on the string in the choices buffer.
                              choicesOffset += textLen;
                              choices[choicesOffset++] = 0;
                              // Unlock the handle to the record.
                              // Release the record, not dirty.
                              DmReleaseRecord(gDatabase, itemIndex, false);
                  // Create an array of pointers from the choices strings.
                  ChoicesPtrsHandle = SysFormPointerArrayToStrings(choices, NumRecords);
                  // Set the list choices from the array of pointers.
                  LstSetListChoices(lst, MemHandleLock(ChoicesPtrsHandle), NumRecords);

            handled = true;
              case frmCloseEvent:      // The form was told to close.
                  // Free the memory blocks allocated for the list.      
                  if (ChoicesHandle)
                        ChoicesHandle = 0;
            case ctlSelectEvent:
           return ViewOffencesFormDoCommand(eventP->data.ctlSelect.controlID);       
    return handled;

This is the form where i write the details to the database

Boolean FinalFormDoCommand(UInt16 command)
   Boolean handled = false;
         FYPDB CarDetails[2];
         MemHandle RecordHandle;
    char *RecordPointer1;
    FormType * frmP;    
   switch (command)
    case FinalBackButton:
    case FinalSaveButton:
          frmP = FrmGetActiveForm();

            CarDetails[Index].RegNum = outputString;
          CarDetails[Index].Location = outputString2;
          CarDetails[Index].Colour = outputString3;
          CarDetails[Index].CarType = outputString4;
               CarDetails[Index].Offence = outputString5;
          RecordHandle = DmNewRecord(gDatabase, &Index, 64);
          RecordPointer1 = MemHandleLock(RecordHandle);
          DmWrite(RecordPointer1, 0, &CarDetails[Index], sizeof(CarDetails[Index]));       
          DmReleaseRecord(gDatabase, Index, true);
               handled = true;


    return handled;  
Please help me, im really stuck....
Thanking you
Question by:cantona12
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Accepted Solution

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You should precise the index of the record. You seems to always write at index 0.

By the way, don't forget that c is case-sensitive, so "Index" is not the same than "index"...

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