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check if framework is installed bat file and boot strap question

Posted on 2003-03-12
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Last Modified: 2012-08-13
IN Dot_Net/Q_20334511.html  gcottle  wrote:

I have built a deployment project for the application and have made use of the Setup Bootstrapper Proejct which Microsoft provided for loading the Framework on a PC. All works well.

Heres my question
I have a VB.NET Windows Application using MS Access. Created a MSI for it.

Tried to install it on the clients machine.. It installed perfectly.
However while running the application he got a "System.TypeInitializationException" and did not start up.

1. NOW is there a way to bootstrap the setup to check for the version of the Framework or if its present at all and then prompt the user to download it from the web during install ?

2. OR Any other method of determining if the correct frameworkk is installed
and if not gracefully erroring out -> with a custiom error ?

3. Can some one show me how to write a small .BAT file -  the user can run to verify if the framework is installed on the system ?
If yes Display - system components are installed correctly
if NOT then display "some error I will fill out"


Question by:GREGory
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1. Check if such dir exists


You could check the registry. The location
contains a registry key for each program installed. This information is
listed in Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

The key for Microsoft .NET Framework is:


You can search for this Registry key.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework\policy\v1.0 and its
Value key value.

also you can check this
distribute with app


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iboutchkine thanks for the reply ...

Specifically what would the .bat file be which will check for the version ....

Its got to run without windows scripting host ....

When the user clicks the foo.bat file the file will say "OK- your PC has the 1.0.3275 framework" OR "ERROR- you need to download and install the framework"

Also if possible how can I chain it to the end of the setup.msi creation so when a user installs the .msi file it will execute the bat file and popup the message...(this is better if its there but not critical)



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Accepted Solution

iboutchkine earned 200 total points
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I would write VB Script that will check the registry. (I prefer to do it with WSH).
If you don't want to use WSH then probably you can read registry with REGEDIT. I did not try it, but I think it will be sommethig like that

1.Create File with extension .reg (for example RG.reg

 Open "c:\temp\RG.reg" For Output As #1
    Print #1, "REGEDIT4"
    Print #1, ""
    Print #1, ' here you can write the code to read reg key.
Close #1
You can play with it. Extract some info from registry and then open the extracted file and see how it is done

2.Execute the RG.reg file

Again I want to mention I would've done it with WSH. Something like
Set Sh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
key =  key where .NET Framework supposed to be
WScript.Echo Sh.RegRead(key)
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1. need a .BAT file type of checking which will run regardless if scripting has been enabled or turned off, WSH is gr8 but does not solve the issue.

2. the version to check is 1.0.3705


3. If this checking happens during setup from the MSI too its fine,

4. The MSI will fail on its own if the .NET runtime is missing from a PC, but if a prev version is there then it will setup correctly but the application will not start..

thanks once again

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