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ColdFusion 5 - Make Word have the right filename

Posted on 2003-03-12
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-24
I have a page that displays an invoice in MS-Word inside the IE Browser.  This all works fine, I use CFCONTENT to tell the browser to open the word app.  However, while you are in Word-in-a-browser, if the user goes to File->Save As..., the suggested filename and default directory are useless.

Is there a way, using CFHEADER or something, to suggest the correct filename to Word?  Note that I am using IE6.  Some people are using Word 2000 and some people are using Word XP.  Although a solution for Word XP is more important.


Question by:curmudgeon42
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Expert Comment

ID: 8119918
It is a matter of the url requesting the page. See below. An example of one page linking to another that serves up the file. The url string after the cfm defines the file save name.
##Link to the CF file serving up the file ## INDEX.CFM ##
<a href="GetFile.cfm/coolfile.zip">Click Here</a>
## /INDEX.CFM ##

##Serve up the file ## GetFile.cfm ##
<cfcontent type="application/zip"
## /GetFile.cfm ##

Author Comment

ID: 8119954
We aren't loading a file from the server hard drive.  We are building the file dynamically and telling IE that the incoming file should be loaded in Word.

Expert Comment

ID: 8120152
I say again. It is a matter of the url requesting the file. Here is another example. To get the file to save as "myworddoc.doc" link to the file like this:

"<a href="servitup.cfm/myworddoc.doc">LINK</a>"

ServeItUp.cfm creates the word doc and when you save it word looks at the url and the last file name it sees is the "myworddoc.doc", and it saves it as "myworddoc.doc".
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Author Comment

ID: 8139380
that doesn't work - eventually i had to write the HTML (destined for Word) to a file and then do a CFLOCATION to the file so that it would have the right filename - i then later had to put some code which would look for these old temp files and take care of them

Expert Comment

ID: 8143777
Try this:

Run your query or do whatever to build output.

Then add these lines:
<cfheader name="Content-Disposition" value="attachment; filename=""WORDOUTPUT.doc""">
<cfcontent type="application/msword">

Then write you output normally using <CFOUTPUT> or whatever.

The browser should ask you to OPEN/SAVE document. This works in multi user environments also.

Expert Comment

ID: 8479994
DynAstY that header is new to me. curmudgeon42, does that work. I think it is the answer. I know I can use it. Thanks DynAstY.

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It works for me :)
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