setting up FTP on Win2000 server

I needed to change one of our servers to allow a consultant to FTP some files, got that working.  I don't think its as secure as it needs to be.
-Sonicwall firewall
-Machine is on our DMZ
-used for website&email
-setup went as follows (from the Win2000 help)
-admin tools->Internet Services Manager->default FTP site-> properties->Security Accounts tab->
clear the 'Allow Anonymous Connections' box (here a warning pops up about passwords)->yes->add
(user account added before)
Had to get them connected, now I'm wondering how secure the setup is (Languard stated - 'FTP anonymous access allowed'-'It is recommended to disable anonymous logins).
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Two ways to examine this:

The logon process itself - by default the user logging in is sending his domain password in clear text over the wire. Though there are ways to secure this the work involved is not worth it for a temporary situation.
The availability of the site - if anonymous is disabled then you're okay.
How I would have setup teh server was to first log into the firewall, and forward the port to the specific machine, but since you have it on the DMZ that's not needed heh.
Run the setup wizard for the FTP service in 2000 and then go through all the steps, except for allowing anonymous access. Big no-no in security (I'm anal about it). Have your client/user/friend/whoever to choose a log-in ID and password that fits your security policy, usually 6-8 characters/letters, set them up, and e-mail that person telling them that they have a space on your drives.

If you want extra knowledge of what's going on, I would suggest making a folder for that person/client specifically, and then add the right permissions on it. This is how I would have done it, but everyone has their own methods and time schedules ;)
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