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Fonts display poorly embeded or imported eps

I am trying to use Frutiger Roman 10pt in a navigation.  The edges of the fonts look fine when zoomed in but blurred at 100% and in the final swf file.  I have tried embedding the font in Flash and exporting it as outlines from Illustrator as EPS files and importing them.  Any suggestions?

1 Solution
well, it depends on the font itself ...
and the optimum pixel/size it will show ..
if u need to have very very fine small print try FFF
they have pixel fonts and most ppl use them
I would not recommend using a font with less that 12pts...

And if it is navigation, then you should definately not use something that small unless you are using a very boxy font...  anything that is too rounded or "smooth" will look poor, no matter what you do...

from Flash help

>>Not all fonts displayed in Flash can be exported with a movie. To verify that a font can be exported, use the View > Antialias Text command to preview the text; jagged type indicates that Flash does not recognize that font's outline and will not export the text.<<

best results for small text is to use device fonts..this uses the fonts on the client machine..there are only three types though..

>>named _sans (similar to Helvetica or Arial), _serif (similar to Times Roman), and _typewriter (similar to Courier).<<


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