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SendMail and DNS setup

Hey Guys,

I have a setup with a Cisco PIX 515E, with 3 interfaces and NAT. (all IPS # are examples)

Cisco 2600 Router (
Cisco 515e PIX 3fe (  outside secirity level 100
                   (    inside secirity level 0
                   ( DMZ security level 50

However, where on the network should i introduce 2 DNS servers. (i allready have a DNS server on the inside (lan)

I would also like the ability to run a full all singing all dancing mail service, allowing me to store email for a specific domain, and then use an exchange server to download and distibute all the mail.

I would also like to able to implement a WebMail system.

I was looking at Sendmail (Mailstream and Mail Central) is this the correct software to be able to do the job. Should it be in the DMZ on on the outside of the firewall? How should i go about configuring the MX records on the DNS server in conjunction.

Any ideas,

1 Solution
Random points....

Sendmail is a good choice.
I would put it in the DMZ, never outside the firewall.
Ditto for you DNS server.
The MX records need to point to the external (public) ip address that is then NAT'ing to the sendmail server in the DMZ.
I would have one DNS server in your DMZ, and have the other one hosted by your ISP, or some other external party.
Exchange has webmail built in (Outlook Web Access), so you could use that - again, the webmail server should be in the DMZ, and you'll have to add records to the public DNS that give the public address of the webmail server.

aphixAuthor Commented:
Thanks jammy

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