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Flash - Use Movie Clip frame to start other Movie Clip

I have a movie with 2 frames, each with a different Movie Clip.
I want frame 2 to automatically play when the frame 1 Movie Clip reaches a certain frame.
When I searched, the only info I could find was for preloaders.

Please help. Thanks.
1 Solution
base on frame number or time?

if it is base on time say once the movie played for 60sec then gotoAndPlay(2)

use setInterval & clearInterval

base on the frame, that u can check on the movie that's playing use movieclip._frames

or ... simply ... add a simple script in ur 1st MC _root.gotoAndPlay(2) at the time when u want to play frame 2 ...

I'm not sure if this is what I understand your problem,

So you have two frames, put stop() on each frame, then at a certain frame of movieClip 1 you could say gotoAndStop(2). Let's assume that there's no stop() script of each movieClip in frame 1 so it is automatically play. But if you have stop() on the first frame of each movieClip, then on frame 2 of the main timeline _root.movieclip2.play();

hope this help,

OzwaldAuthor Commented:
Perfect. Great to know both ways. Thanks, henryww.

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