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seeing placeholders instead of images

I'm using Lotus Notes 6.0 in an office environment where I always have Internet access.  When I receive e-mail which has been formatted with HTML, I rarely see any of the graphics.  Instead, all there is are placeholders - red outlines with a red X button in the upper left corner of each placeholder.  And in the Lotus status bar, there are messages which say, "Image or Object not found on server."  

But I know the images are available because 1) if I type the image URL into Notes' address bar, Notes loads and displays it alone just fine, and 2) if I open the e-mail on a machine loaded with Notes R5, the messages and its images display as they were intended.  

Please help me resolve this.
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1 Solution
Check your "Format preference for incoming mail" field in your Person document in the Public NAB. Make sure it is set to MIME and not Notes Rich Text.
ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Look in: File->Preferencies->UserPreferencies

for the Option: ShowInlineMIMEimagesAsAttachments

Good luck,

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XingerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies, but I'm still in the dark.

scottrma:  I changed this option from No Preference to Prefers MIME.

Hemanth: Very interesting, but this problem affects all of my mail from external sources, so I doubt that all of these compaies use PNG exclusively.  I pasted in some source from Body below and you can see that these are JPG image files.

Zvonko:  I tried this option both ways, but am not seeing any difference.

By the way, I don't think this is related, but what do I know? When I start up Notes R6 and open one of these e-mails, the following 3 messages are in my status bar:
   Analyzing Image Colors
   Optimizing 4 Image Colors
   Reassigning Image Colors
I don't see these messages in R5.

Any other ideas?

<!-- saved from url=3D(0022)http://internet.e-mail -->
<html xmlns:v=3D"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" xmlns:o=3D"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" xmlns=3D"http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40">

<meta http-equiv=3D"Content-Language" content=3D"en-us">
<meta name=3D"GENERATOR" content=3D"Microsoft FrontPage 5.0">
<meta name=3D"ProgId" content=3D"FrontPage.Editor.Document">
<meta http-equiv=3D"Content-Type" content=3D"text/html; charset=3Dwindows-1252">


style=3D"BORDER-BOTTOM: #a8bed7 1px solid; BORDER-LEFT: #a8bed7 1px solid; BORDER-RIGHT: #a8bed7 1px solid; BORDER-TOP: #a8bed7 1px solid; HEIGHT: 1216px; PADDING-BOTTOM: 1px; PADDING-LEFT: 4px; PADDING-RIGHT: 4px; PADDING-TOP: 1px; WIDTH: 661px">
<TABLE bgColor=3D#cccccc border=3D0 borderColor=3D#111111 cellPadding=3D0 cellSpacing=3D0
style=3D"BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" width=3D642>
      <TABLE bgColor=3D#ffffff border=3D0 cellPadding=3D0 cellSpacing=3D0 width=3D705>
          <TD align=3Dleft borderColorDark=3D#ffffff borderColorLight=3D#ffffff
          colSpan=3D2 vAlign=3Dtop width=3D700><A
            title=3D"Mirror Server Data, or Data Between User PC's"><IMG border=3D0
            height=3D173 src=3D"http://www.availl.com/contact/BP%20smallerDW2.JPG"
            width=3D334></A><IMG align=3Dtop border=3D0 height=3D55
            src=3D"http://www.availl.com/contact/topmid.JPG" width=3D110><IMG
            align=3Dtop border=3D0 height=3D39
            src=3D"http://www.availl.com/contact/toprght.JPG" width=3D256></TD></TR>
          <TD vAlign=3Dtop width=3D126>&nbsp;
            <P align=3Dcent ...

ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Again me :-)

Try setting the UserPreferncies...AdditionaOption:

Good luck,


Is your environment purely ND6? This will happen if the email goes through any 4.x servers as they don't support MIME and the message will be converted to CD (Notes Rich Text). Check the $MIMETrack field on the docs in question for Itemise/Serialise events.

XingerAuthor Commented:
Zvonko:  I tried both Use System Colors and Use Web Palette, but they made no difference in the document.

Nick:  $MIMETrack field says it is itemized by a server on release 5.0.8.

All:  I am raising the point value because this does seem to be a tough question.  I tried a couple of other things.  First, I uninstalled Notes and reinstalled it on my computer: I still have same issue.  Second, I installed Notes R6 on another computer: the document is rendered correctly!  So I talked with a couple of other users.  Here are the results.

R5: never a problem
Machine BP:  WinXP/R6 problem
Machine TH:  Win2k/R6 problem
Machine JH:  Win2k/R6 no problem
Machine AS:  WinXP/R6 problem

Definitely related to R6.  Maybe related to OS.

XingerAuthor Commented:
Maybe it is somehow related to Notes' Web Retriever.  I changed its setting from None to Verbose, and I started seeing messages which correlate to an e-mail document I opened.  I was disappointed to not see error or completion messages, but it does at least indicate to me that Web Retriever is involved somehow.

          03/13/2003 09:39:11 AM  WEB(12): Refreshing URL
          03/13/2003 09:39:11 AM  WEB(12): Using Web cache 'perweb.nsf'
          03/13/2003 09:39:12 AM  WEB(14): Retrieving URL
          03/13/2003 09:39:12 AM  WEB(14): Using Web cache 'perweb.nsf'
          03/13/2003 09:39:12 AM  WEB(7): Retrieving URL
          03/13/2003 09:39:12 AM  WEB(7): Using Web cache 'perweb.nsf'
          03/13/2003 09:39:12 AM  WEB(13): Retrieving URL
          03/13/2003 09:39:12 AM  WEB(13): Using Web cache 'perweb.nsf'
          03/13/2003 09:39:12 AM  WEB(11): Retrieving URL
          03/13/2003 09:39:12 AM  WEB(11): Using Web cache 'perweb.nsf'
          03/13/2003 09:39:12 AM  WEB(5): Retrieving URL
          03/13/2003 09:39:12 AM  WEB(5): Using Web cache 'perweb.nsf'
          03/13/2003 09:39:12 AM  WEB(3): Retrieving URL
          03/13/2003 09:39:12 AM  WEB(3): Using Web cache 'perweb.nsf'
          03/13/2003 09:39:12 AM  WEB(6): Refreshing URL
          03/13/2003 09:39:12 AM  WEB(6): Using Web cache 'perweb.nsf'
Did you try setting the browser setting (location) to Notes with MSIE as mentioned in technote.
XingerAuthor Commented:
Resolved!  My Notes was configured for a proxy server which no longer exists.  Once I removed all proxy settings, my email documents started rendering correctly.  If no one objects, I will reward the points to Hemanth.  He did not provide the answer, but it was because of his follow-up that I saw a status message which lead to my answer.  Thanks for all of your suggestions.


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