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How do i specify the "working directory" for shortcuts in Visual Studio Installer

The problem is when my exe tries to run, it cannot find my mdb file. I want to be able to add the app path in the shortcut's "Start In .." field (which is set to blank by Visual Studio Installer).
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1 Solution
two things.  One, you start your project in VB within the project folder. (i.e. you double click on the project file in explorer).  But I am not sure whether this will slove the problem.

Other option, which will work is to use App.Path along with your database name.  e.g.

Const DB_NAME = "MyDB.mdb"

Private DbPath as string

Private Sub OpenDBs()
    DBPath = app.Path
    if (Right(DBPath,1) = "\") then
        DBPath = DBPath & DB_NAME
        DBPath = DBPath & "\" & DB_NAME
    End if
End Sub

Good Luck!
Here is a rule for file names and paths that if followed,
should solve your problems:

1. Drive Letters Should be a String * 2
   This allows for a: --> z:
   This also allows a verification of a UNC that starts
   as a "\\"

2. Paths contain Drive letters (or UNCs).
3. Paths should ALWAYS contain a trailing "\"
   IF you are unsure of whether a backslash is there,
   CALL the AddDirSep routine (See Below).

4. File Names are just that. File Names.
   You could use a CONST as suggested in previous example.

5. The concatenation of a PATH + FILE NAME is valid.


Public Sub AddDirSep (ByRef xsPath as string)

   If Right$(xsPath,1) <> "\" then
      xsPath = xsPath & "\"
   End If

End Sub


If you are still having problems, they may be related
to whether you are running in design-mode / "VB" or
running "real-time" compiled EXE.

mixallyAuthor Commented:
is this code i can type in visual studio installer?? how do i access the editor ?
Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Now I see your problem.

Verify the installation setup to make sure you are not doing anything "weird". (sorry).

But when a normal installation program installs an program-link to an executuable, the "START IN" path is automatically setup to the installation directory.

If it is BLANK, somehow, you are overriding it.

Try a quick-and-simply setup, and don't make any changes to it... the "START IN" path should be filled in.
mixallyAuthor Commented:
the START IN still doesnt get filled in. let me tell you the steps i took to create the msi file:
    Micrososoft Visual Studio 6.0->
      Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Tools->
        Visual Studio Installer

From here, in the New tab, I have Visual Studio Installer Projects folder selected (top left window)
At the bottom, the Name is: VBInstaller1
Below that in the Location I have: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\VBInstaller1
I then proceed to the Visual Basic Installer icon on the right and double click it...

This presents me with a wizard. I click Browse and point to my vbp file and leave the preseleced radio selection of 'Create Installer'..then i click Finish.

Next, from the Project menu, I click Add File and select TAC.MDB which the executable needs as its database. This
adds the file to the Project explorer.
Next, I delete msado25.tlb from my project explorer since
this seems to crash when i run the installer. I dont
know how to fix this :(
Finally, i choose Build from the Build menu and this
creates a folder on my desktop called VBInstaller1.
Within that, is a folder called Output with some other files. In the Output folder i go to DISK_1 and within that
I get my msi file. When i try to install it (using defaults, nothing fancy), it adds a shortcut to my start menu but when i click the start menu item, i get the error:  "Could not find TAC.mdb"

Hope this makes sense

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