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I am running 2 pc's on ME one using aol on a DSL connection, I was wondering if anyone had managed to net work an aol connection. I only want one pc on line at any time. I can get both pc's to connect but they have to sign on together but only the main pc can complete the connection and go on line. I can't even get the second pc' to connect through IE when the main one is connected.
Any help appreaciated
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Do you have a router?
Eh. If you only want one computer online at a time that way you're going to have to do some serious networking. You need a router/switch, you can get a decent one from Wal-Mart in the electronics section, Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL router. About $78 and it has 4 switch ports and a WAN connection for your DSL. Plug your two computers into the LAN connections and the DSL into the WAN port sit back and you'll be online. Now if you only want one of them online at a time, that's gonna be difficult because with Broadband you're always online 24/7 unless you want to spend money/time and get a Proxy server and the like. Any Comments and such, feel free.


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You can't get ICS to work with AOL, sorry;en-us;321644
youo can try analogX
or better yet, go the router route
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wjhjshfkhAuthor Commented:
Thank's I'm new to this will go through the router option. Hadn't given it a thought.
wjhjshfkhAuthor Commented:
Aol sucks
Yes it dfoes. The router not working out?
wjhjshfkhAuthor Commented:
Go to get one this weekend!!! Hope it works.
Now I am not an AOL expert at all, I have tried to stay as far away from it as possible, but here is a little something that might help. I beleive with AOL 7.0 you can only have one screen name on at a time, so you could use AOL 7.0 with the router idea and that should accomplish what you want. You would just be sharing the DSL modem but not the connection, so if you sign on with one computer the other wouldn't be able to, or would kick you off when they did not sure which. If I am wrong about this then I appologize now...only reason know anything about AOL is because my mom is in love with it so I am constantly having to "fix" the little problems AOL likes to cause on a system.
I don't understand what the problem is.  There is a tiny software program called PPPshar that will allow you to connect up to 10 computers to your AOL computer and then use any or all of the other computers to surf the web via Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera or whatever browser you desire.  Works with Windows, Mac's, Linux, whatever.  If you wish to just have two pcs connected then you don't even need a hub, just an rj-45 cable from one network card to the other.   The program comes with excellent setup instructions and the support is unbeatable.  If you want to just connect up one extra computer the program is free.  For more than one, the Pro program cost a few dollars.  Please feel free to email with any help on this.  
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