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USB working in RedHat 7.3 not in Win2000pro

Hi All,

Before I installed RedHat 7.3 Linux I was running Win2000.

Drive 1, = 30gb with Win2000 installed.
Drive 2, = 120gb with NTFS partition.. just documents + mp3 files on here.

This worked fine.  Usb was never had problems.  Then last night I decided to install Redhat on spare drive I had lying around.

Drive 3, = 40gb with Red Hat Linux 7.3

Installed RH7 and it worked fine.  Then I connected drive 2 to drive 3.. so I could play my mp3s through RH7.

After that I removed drive 3 (RH7) and put my drive 1 (win2000) back in.  So I only ever run two hard drives.  It booted into win2000 fine (all drives detected)..  BUT my USB has gone missing (no usb mouse, no digital camera, etc).  I tried deleting the usb root hub + drivers from hardware wizard and it still wouldn't pick them up again.

So my question is.  What have I done to kill USB in windows2000??  And how do I fix it.

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1 Solution
Check USB connectors inside the computer box - that is my best guess

Also unplug and plug to motherborad everything you can .

Hope it helps
Reset BIOS on mother board (by removing BIOS battery and switching Reset plug

Howie_LyAuthor Commented:
Dry GIN.. its onboard USB there aren't any connectors.  The mainboard is a MSI KT3 Ultra2 and i'm not using the USB2.0 at the moment.

I thought the RH7 install might have changed bios settings so I loaded defaults.  I'll try pulling the plug on the battery when I get home.

But the thing is.. when I hook up the RH7 drive the USB detects again.  So it's more likely to be Win2000 related.


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Hello Howie,
You didn't say , that USB start working again, after you have switched to RedHat for the SECOND time - it change the whole picture.
Also, Onboard USB could be implemented as an external connectors and therefor could of been disconnected..

Anyway, back to the problem, if BIOS reset won't help,
You can also relogin into windows Safe mode and delete all USB related drivers from system -> device manager
and make sure BIOS set to PNP OS and enable onboard USB
default settings may disable this things.
ok, relogin back to normal mode in win2000 and hopefully it will  find usb..

You can try to remove all other cards exept for video - but this usially will be just a waste of time..

Good luck!
Howie_LyAuthor Commented:
Okay.. i'll try to make myself clearer:

Boot into RH7 = USB Works.
Boot into Win2000 = USB Doesn't Work.

I believe that BIOS is set to PNP OS and Onboard USB is definately enabled.  I'll double check.  As mentioned before.. I decked all USB devices from device manager and tried getting 2k to redetect it.  Still no work bummer.

I'll try reinstalling all the system files for Win2000 if this still doesn't work, but a format + reload is the last resort.

Thanks for your input though.. i might run into some luck tonight.


btw.. would anyone know if RH7 writes anything to a freshly mounted secondard harddrive?  e.g. modify the MBR??

Howie_LyAuthor Commented:
typo: secondard == secondary
Howie_LyAuthor Commented:
i found the problem.. screwed up boot sector in hdd.

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