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Hi, i am a newbie and i am hoping you guys can help.

I am running VB Prof 6.0 on Windows NT. I am using NTport to access the parallel port.

I can get the data in fine, convert it to decimal and have it appear as a single number in a text box. What i want to happen is have the data be saved in a string (?) format and output to a file as well as saved in a global variable.

The data comming in is a phone number from a dtmf decoder. So how can i save the 7 digit number together, save it in a global variable (for immidiate use) and output it to a text file.

Thanks for the help.
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If you have got the value, try this:

dim myValue as long

myValue = val(text1.text)

where Text1 is the textbox where you save the received data.
To save it to a file, just do it like this:

dim fn as long

fn = FreeFile
Open "C:\myFile.txt" For Output As #fn
Print #fn, myValue
close #fn

Hope this helps
sam341Author Commented:
Will this basically accumulate the incoming data and put it in the sting??

The data comes in 1 number at a time, and i need it saved after the seven bits enter.


You can concatenate incoming data into a string:

myString = myString & myReceivedData

then, after you received seven numbers, you use the Val() function to get the number.

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