Preview function in Macromedia Dreamweaver

The version that I use was MX. I prefer the function of Preview instead of typing http://localhost/myfolder/filename in browser. But wat annoyed me was that it does work everytime, but often come out "file not found Error 404". When I retrieve it manually(http://....), I'm sure that it work.

I also found that particularly only .html, .asp always work fine, is it b'cause I chose server tech enable for my defined site? I 've check with every connection mode like local view,testing server, remote view, the folder has been set correctly and it was tested on the local server in the same computer.I wonder how this situation happen to me.
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webwomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dreamweaver is NOT a browser. It will NOT show the pages exactly, and often it's not even CLOSE.

The ONLY way to test your pages is in a browser. Preferably multiple versions/browsers. If they have server side code (like ASP/PHP), you have to go through the server (using the http://localhost) to get the server side code to work.

This is NOT specific to Dreamweaver. This is how ALL graphical editors work. It's also one reason why you cannot depend on them to accurately show you anything.
The Preview function in Dreamweaver (function key F12) normally creates a temporary file.
Something like GHDF7DS.ASP or JGSHJDF7.HTM ...
Afterwards, it automatically deletes this file.
MAy be you choose Preview, saw the file in your browser, kept it open,
then you saved your file again in Dreamweaver and just 'refreshed' your browser > the file is not there anymore ?

Otherwise, make sure you have configured everyhting correctly in Dreamweaver: IExplorer as default browser? ASP-site? HTML-site?

The best way to test your site is of course right from the browser:
http://localhost/mysite/index.htm (or something like this)

Good luck !
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