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We have Windows 2000, NT4 & 98 workstation in an NT4 Server environment with a PC Netlink backbone. All domain controllers run on Solaris boxes. I have setup system policy Editor locally on my Windows 2000 workstation. I have configured it using the default .adm templates (winnt, common & inetset). I then saved the NTconfig.pol file to the PDC. I created a User and set it to - Hide all icons on the desktop.

When I log on to a Windows 2000 workstation with the user account, nothing happens. But when I log on with a Windows NT4 workstation the policy applies.

Is there an issue between Windows 2000 Professional and System Policy Editor?
I tried to import system.adm which comes as default with Windows 2000 but the system policy editor shuts down and when I re-open it it hadsn't added.
Do I need to create .adm files which are specific to Windows 2000?

Please help me....
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JammyPakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's a link to read:

poledit is only for NT 4.0...for Win2K, there's a new way now - system policies.

annabAuthor Commented:
Roly_DeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Should work OK: you can use poledit to create system policies for W2k.

Use poledit to connect to the registry on the W2k PC, and check that that the System Policy Update Mode is set to Automatic. This will ensure that the policy is actually downloaded from where you expect. (I've heard that some OEMs disable this, not sure of the reason.)

Also make sure that the policy has replicated over to the BDCs, and that Everyone has at least read access to the policy file.
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