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Moving MS 2000 AD PDC to another Machine

Ok, I have a machine installed now with MS 2000 Advanced Server, and it is serving as my PDC.

I am now going to migrate all my machines and equipment to rackmount.  What I am unsure of is how I can get the PDC moved to another machine without it changing anything on the network or in the user's accounts.

Any advice?

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You should setup the new machine to the Additional Domain Controller in the existing domain. Normally two servers will be replicated all AD domain link , user account etc.

(P.S. Create one more new DNS in new machine at first (Active-Directory intergated), make sure all DNS record also had been replacated.)

Except DNS, the different of two servers are that PDC will have the FSMO roles (for PDC master DC hold only), you should transfer that 5 roles to the new machine. After finished, please demote the old server to leave from the domain. So that it will be succeeded to get PDC to new machine.

More info




I hope it can help.
One more, you should get more enough time for two servers replcation before demote. I think a few days time as well. (make sure 100% transferred between them)

I hope it can help.
pgp4privacyAuthor Commented:
Sounds good.  Have you tryed this before?

Also, all of my DNS is handles via BIND,,do you forsee any problem with this when moving the PDC from machine to machine.

Sure friend, I exactly did it from OLD PDC to new machine as the same case in last year. It's very good to running until now.

Even I suggest that you should look for more information from Microsoft offical site for reference before do it as well. They provided many many sources to teach you how to do this procseeing. Me too.

Remember that those 5 roles movement is easily job with step by step. Mainly, you must take care the DNS server, that is the most important component for Active Directory.

I hope it can help.


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