SCSI Termination Not Found

I'm facing a SCSI related problem.

Currently I have 2 servers, I'm in the progress of migrating a JukeBox (SCSI device) from my old server to new server.

The problem is, when ever I plug in my Jukebox to my new server, at the BIOS level, a message "SCSI Termination Not Found" appear when ever I boot up the new server. And of course, I can't bring up the Jukebox.

This problem never occur on my old server. The Jukebox is running fine on old server.

Can someone help me on this?
I have no idea where goes wrong.

PS: The SCSI terminator is on the JukeBox.

There is an LED on the Terminator, when I unplug the SCSI cable from the SCSI card, the LED will turn to GREEN colour. When I plug the SCSI cable to the old server, the LED will turn to ORANGE colour, but when I plug the SCSI cable to my new server, the LED just dim off.

So I assume that
ORANGE colour indicate SCSI terminated.
GREEN colour indicate SCSI unplug status.
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alewisaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What sort of termination does the HP125 use, physical plug, or a termination jumper? if the later, I suggest using a plug as well. Does the device supply term power?

Assume you are using a 50way SCSI cable? Or is it a 68way SCSI cable?

Check the Adaptec BIOS settings. (CTRL-A on boot up), and check the settings for termination on the card, iirc Adaptecs have 3 possible term settings.

Hard to say what is causing it.

General rule.  Terminate the chain at both ends.

If you just have the card and the jukebox then terminate at the card and terminate at the jukebox.

Question:  is it a "cdrom tower" rather then a "jukebox"?

A tower is a series of drives daisy chained.

A jukebox I believe slides a tray around to pick up the cd you are after to mount it.

Who does the box?  Who does the scsi card?  What is the application for all the CDs?  RIAG?
roynganAuthor Commented:
May I know how to terminate the SCSI card?

It is a Jukebox, HP SureStore Optical 125ex

Ok, let me make the situation clearer
I have 2 servers, which is

Old Server
SCSI Adapter: Adaptec 19160 PCI
SCSI Device: HP SureStore 125ex (Jukebox)

New Server
OS: Windows 2000 + SP3
SCSI Adapter: Adaptec 2940 PCI
SCSI Device: HP SureStore 125ex (Jukebox)

I'm in the progress of migrating server from Old Server (NT4) to New Server (W2K)

as you can see, the different is the OS and the SCSI Adapter. The reason why I use 2940 instead of keeping the 19160 is because 19160 is not supporting Windows 2000 server.

I tested my Adaptec 2940 PCI with another Jukebox HP 40fx, both jukebox and SCSI card is working fine.

Is is not important that which application is running the Jukebox, because the initialization of the SCSI at BIOS level is failed ("SCSI Termination Not Found").

Hope that it clear your doubt.
any idea how to overcome this?

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I used to work alot with cdrom systems that required large numbers of cds.  so I was curious.

If the card is telling you it doesn't see proper termination and the card works in another setup, then termination is in the cable or the other tower or the card doesn't like the tower.
roynganAuthor Commented:
alewisa: it is a physical plug.

I'm not sure whether it is a 50 way or 68 way SCSI.
Because on the end that connect to SCSI, it is a 50Pins connector, while the connector that connect to Jukebox is 68Pins Connector.

How do you categories this type of cable?
Wow, an inbuilt 50-68 converter. Ok, the external box has two SCSI interfaces? If so, add an ACTIVE terminator to the second (non used) interface. Passive terminitors are useless when dealing with wide SCSI (which the 68pin interface is a form of). The high 8bits require active termination.

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