CD burner functioning improperly

Alright, I installed this POS Paragon CD emulator thing, that worked all well and good, until I went to uninstall it, as its a POS, and my burner disappeared from the device manager, and the drive list. So I reinstalled the emulator, and fiddled with it and the drive came back, but now it's acting all weird. When I take a CD out, the volume label in windows wont change, when I put in a new CD, the volume label stays the same as the CD I previously took out, and the drive no longer autoplays, nor will games detect CDs in it. Any clues?
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Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
your emulator disabled "autoinsert notification" and "autoplay". Check in Device manager -> CDROM or something like that for autoinser notif. and in windows explorer ->options for autoplay , but i'm not very sure about where to find those options because it's a long time since I didn't use microsoft windows.

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My Suggestions Are As Follows:

1. Completely Un-Install The POS Paragon CD Emulator Software.
2. Disconnect The CD-Writer From The IDE Cable.
3. Restart The Machine.
4. Try Navigating Through The Windows Explorer and delete the folders which was created while the POS program was installed.
5. Try Opening The CD-Writing/Cd-Burning Software And Re-Configure. Remember, The CD-Writer IS Not Connected To The Computer Now.
6. Restart the Machine.
7. Again Connect The CD-Writer to the Computer, Let The New Device Get Detected and then Try Opening The Cd-Burning Software and re-Configure.

All The Best..Things Should Be Ok.

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LordSkitchAuthor Commented:
Took me a while to actually get around to do it lol sorry, worked fine tho, thankya!
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