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I need help with HDD no recognition

i have a 40gb seagate HDD (ST340016A)... two days ago i changed the normal jumper position(master) to a position that makes the HDD only 32gb large... i made this in order to be able to transfer some information to and old pc(amd k6II)and then i formated the seagate HDD... The format did not end correctly and since that moment no pc detects my Seagate HDD as a hdd properly...
and now when i connect the HDD in any position the bios doesn´t start well because it stops in the memory checking... but if i disconnect the HDD the bios starts all right....
please give me a hand on this....
thanks a lot!!  
2 Solutions
if the HD's gurantee not yet expired, take it back to related store, and exhange one new. it may be the most straight forward way to solve.
did u change it back to Master? make sure the cables are connected correctly to the motherboard and the harddrive...

try to use a boot disk to boot up

do a fdisk

and check the partitions...

u might want to do a scan disk / check disk if possible...
Try using low format utilities which you can get it from http://www.seagate.com/products/discsales/ . Run this option at your own risk. The best way is to return the disk to the manufacture if the warranty is still valid and you will get a replacement disk.

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Hello Nider,
You have to change the jumpers back to master, as Smallbee has recommended,  set the bios to auto for the detection of the harddrive and fdisk the drive after booting from a boot disk. Check the partitions, again as Smallbee has indicated.  Delete all the partitions and then recreate a single partition.  Let the BIOS determine what size it will recognize.  Then format the drive and load the OS. If you want full capability ofthe harddrive and the BIOS does not recognize it, then download the upgrade to the BIOS.
Once the jumpers are set, and formated, the jumpers are not designed to be changed. Certainly NOT recommended.

Just curious, was the old computer able to read any of the data?
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