How can I throw an exception back from a thread.

I am relatively new to using thread but everything seemed to be ok until I tried to throw an exception back to my application from my new thread.

I thaught it would be simple

public MyThread extends Thread implements Runnable
    public void run() throws Exception
        .... do stuff ....
        //error occurs
        throw MyException("My Error message");

But it seems java wont let the run method of a Thread to throw an excepotion. :-(

So what are my options.. I want to throw the exception so I can catch it within the application, stop a progress bar and open an error dialog.
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Since the exception is thrown in a separate thread it cannot be intercepted by the main application thread. You have some solution to this as follows:
1. don't throw the exception inside the run method, it cannot be monitored from outside. The exception should be thrown in a method accesible to the your application classes outside the thread.
2. When you start the thread you should pass a claaback interface. Instead of throwing exception, make a call to the callback method to announce your application.
3. You can use event driven implementation and notify the main application thread about an error with a event.

Depending on your application, there can be more solutions and a finest refinement of what I've allready proposed. Waiting for more details.

Check out java.util.Observer and java.util.Observable.

Instead of throwing an exception, you notify.

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Be sure that the run method is not invoked by your code,when you wanna create a new thread,it's invoked by JVM itself in runtime.though you can throw an exception for run method,how can you catch that Excetpion?yes,your code can't catch that exception too.

But class ThreadGroup have a method called uncaughtException,you can override this method to do the things you want when thread exception occured.

And as Ovi said, callback or some other ways can do your purpose.
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col_harrisAuthor Commented:
I see now why throwing an exception from a thread would never really work. Looking into the options suggested above and it looks like I will probably use an Observer and make my thread class observable.

I would also like to know how I should use a callback.. I tried doing some research on callbacks but only found irrelevant info. How do I implement a callback or where can I find some more information on them?
The Observer and Observable model is the implementation of Callback,i think.
col_harrisAuthor Commented:
Well after a bit of a struggle and some restructuring everything is working perfectly.

I've created an Observable thread and implemented Observers to catch any errors.

Thanks to all that provided thier ideas and expertiese.

col_harrisAuthor Commented:
It turned out to be more than just adding an Observer but this post really pointed me in the right direction.
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