Can I make it so a user has to enter a Password to print?

Hello! I am helping out a local school Library and I was wondering:
Can I make it so a user has to enter a Password to print?

This way, we don't have endless printing! :)

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JammyPakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's an idea:

Define the print queues on a server that does not have any of the user's user accounts on it (ie. not a domain member, and without local accounts for the user).

Set up special user accounts on the machine (ex print1, print2), and only give out the passwords to people who need to print - change the passwords regularly so they have to come get the new password from you.

Before the user can print, they'll need to authenticate to the print server using the account (ex print1) and the password you supply them. Noone else will be able to print.

Extremely ugly and painful, but it should at least work.

can't think of a way other than possily using third party software....

will keep thinking though
No that is not possible for a normal network printer. But when it is a copier, sometimes they do allow print codes before printing.

I know that is the case for a lot of infotec and Toshiba copiers !

If you don't have one, we sell them :)
what is the setup?
is there a network with a network connected printer?
if so is this a domain or a workgroup?
are the users allowed to print a defined group of people?
does everyone have there own logon accounts or are the computers just 'left logged on'?
what operating systems are you using?

much more detail please
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