FindFirstFile, CFile, and CArchive

Within my CDocument's serialization class, I call the below function that tries to open up all files with the .asm extension in a certain directory and read each line one at a time.  Since this is called from my application's serialization function in the CDocument class, this function is only invoked when

The problem I am having is that on the while(asmArchive.ReadString(strOneLine)) line a message box (looks like and AfxMessageBox) pops up indicating that the file I selected by going to File->open can not
opened. This function, however, shouldn't touch the file that I selected by going to File->open.  This function is simply invoked when the user takes that action.

So, can anyone see what I am doing wrong?  I am creating the CFile and CArchive classes correctly?  Is there a problem since a file handle already exists for the file before I create the CFile and CArchive objects? How about the use of FindFirstFile and FindNext file in the attempt to search a directory.

Or is the problem have to do with the fact that I am creating another CArchive object (for reading files in the selected dir) while handling the CArchive object that was created when the user selects File->open?

CStringList* Casm::getASMLabels (CString m_workingDir)
     CString str;
     CString strOneLine;
     char buf[512];

     WIN32_FIND_DATA fd;
     m_workingDir.Format("%s\\*.asm", m_workingDir);
     HANDLE hFind = ::FindFirstFile ( _T(m_workingDir), &fd);

     if ( hFind != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE ) {
          do {
               if(!(fd.dwFileAttributes & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY)) {    
                    CFile asmFile( (int) hFind );
                    CArchive asmArchive( &asmFile, CArchive::load, 512, buf );

                    // read data in, one line at a time
                    while(asmArchive.ReadString(strOneLine)) {
                                     // DO SOME STUFF
          } while (::FindNextFile (hFind, &fd));
          ::FindClose (hFind);

     return &m_ASMLabelNames;
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Question seems very big. Cant' read. I give up...
Do not use return handle from FindFirstFile() to open file in CFile(). Use file name (cFileName) from WIN32_FIND_DATA structure. Just make sure that file name which you passing into CFile() is fully qualified.

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bpwallacAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tip....that is definitely what I was doing wrong.  I the function is working well now.

I guess I just don't understand exactly what a HANDLE is in Win32.  When I looked at the constructor documentation for CFile,

CFile( int hFile );

I assumed that the argument is a handle to a file.  I guess I was wrong...

Anyways, it is working now...Thank you!
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