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i need to know about openssl from very basics.it's new for me
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For more info, go http://www.openssl.org/ .

OpenSSL is an Open Source library (for the C programming language) that performs commonly used data security tasks (encryption, hashing, encoding).  OpenSSL supports SSL (versions 2 and 3), TLS, digital signatures, and many of the commonly used ciphers.

In addition to the library, a command line tool is included (which you can use manually or call from a script).

OpenSSL is a great resource.

Jason Deckard
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
What are you trying to do with openssl?
If you are interested in generating your own X509 certificates, Ridge Cook has a series of explanatory documents on his yahoo site here:

The best place to get open SSL from is;


You can use newcert.bat and newca.bat and sign.bat to easily create your own certificates.

Read the doco here http://www.ingate.com/files/ca-win32.pdf

I created my own certificates for IIS5 yesterday it all works fine.
About Open SSL.

open SSL is a open source programming libary for SSL communication.

But that's not all that it is.. It's also a standard cryptographic libary, containing the most popular ciphers and hashes. And It's also a command-line tool where you can use it for creating certificates, simulating SSL enabled servers and clients, creating s\mime-encoded content, encrypt files, etc, etc.

OpenSSL is a verry powerful tool that you can use to solve almost any cryptographic issue that you have.

Get OpenSSL.

Download the source from http://www.openssl.org
Or the binary distribution (windows) from http://www.shininglightpro.com/search.php?searchname=Win32+OpenSSL

A verry good book about OpenSSL is O'Riellys - (Network Security with) OpenSSL by John Viega, Matt Messier and Pravir Chandra. ISBN 0-596-00270-X

Exampels on how to use OpenSSL.

Encrypt a file using triple DES in CBC mode using a prompted password:

c:\openssl\bin\> openssl.exe des3 -salt -in file.txt -out file.des3

Generate a self signed root certificate:

c:\openssl\bin\> openssl.exe req -x509 -newkey rsa:1024 -keyout key.pem -out req.pem

How to secure a server with SSL (in c/c++)


Some more programming examples (client and server)


Hope this is sufficent.
Dont hessitate to ask if you have any question :)


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