Word Mail Merge Error 5922 Problem

I am using a single text file to mail merge data into a Word document. The mail merge process works fine on some installations of Word 97 running on Win NT 2000 but on other similiar Word installations I get the Error 5922.

I am using the | (pipe symbol) to delimiter my fields and I think Word is having problems recognising the demiliter.

My text file structure is:

<field1>|<field2>|<field3>|etc... <CR>
<data1>|<data2>|<data3>|etc... <CR>

For empty data fields I have tried inserting a space between delimiters but this still does not fix the problem.

When I change the delimiter to a comma in my text file the mail merge works fine. However I would like to use the | delimiter instead. Is there something in the installation's environment that I should be checking to make this work consistently?
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kevin03Author Commented:
The problem appears to be resolved by:

1) Creating mail merge documents in Word97.
2) Saving your text data source file with a non text file extension such as .dat to force Word to use its own text convertor and not the ODBC text file driver.
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kevin03Author Commented:
Close this question

SpazMODic closed it by forcing the except of slink9's answer.  Is that what your asking?

kevin03Author Commented:
Just confirming that this question has been answered and can be closed.

I just solved this 5922 problem by removing a " (double quote) that someone accidentally put in one of the text fields.
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