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Infotype 0416 - Quota Compensation

We currently have a process where by employees are allowed to request to buy leave through ESS.   When this happens a locked Quota Compensation (0416) record is created and a workflow sent to a line manager for approval.  When the manager approves the 0416 is unlocked.  

I am unlocking the 0416 using FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION but have found that the days from the 0416 are not showing up as a deduction against the employees absence Quota (it2006).  

If I unlock the 0416 manually using transaction PA30 then the leave does show up as a deduction against the 2006.

I have included the code I'm using to call the FM below.  Any ideas would be appreciated.


  call function 'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION'
      infty          = '0416'
      number        = p0416-pernr
      subtype       = p0416-subty
      objectid      = p0416-objps
      lockindicator = p0416-sprps
      validityend   = p0416-endda
      validitybegin = p0416-begda
      recordnumber  = p0416-seqnr
      record        = p0416
      operation     = 'EDQ'
      nocommit      = nocommit
      return        = error_message
      key           = pakey.
1 Solution
Hi pwill40
I think you are passing wrong parameter in Nocommit.

Just check the value you are passing.

you should pass '2' in nocommit. But looking at the code of function module it changes the value of LUW_MODE ( used internally by above FM and then passed to dialog module
HR_MAINTAIN_MASTER_DATA ) to 0( irrespective of what you pass in nocommit). And to effect the changes this value should be 2.

Now if you read the documentation of above FM there are some parameters which you will have to maintain in dialog module. So you will have to use the dialog transaction to update the values.

But it seems you want to do it in background. Why don't you try to run the dialog transaction in batch mode.

I hope this will help you.



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