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Bad disk problem

Posted on 2003-03-13
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Last Modified: 2012-06-21

I have a file server computer at home that I have all my files on.

When I copied in a number of files I ran out of space on that disk.
That is logged in the eventlog.
After that I get that the disc is corrupted.

And the problem now is to save what possible there is to save.

If you click on the drive in windows you will get the error: "x:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable."

When I run chkdsk nothing happens (it does not even start?!).

I have tried EasyRecovery and that starts just fine.
It displays sevral files that it has found and it is counting blocks.
But when it get's to block 5800 everything stops.
No error message.. The estimated time only increases and it does nothing.

Also tried Norton DiscDoctor... That don't even start doing anything...

What I can tell there is something wrong in the begining of the disk and EasyRecovery works just fine until that specific block (5800)..
I guess if only it can jump over that block everything else is recovered...

So do anyone got a good tool that can fix the problem on the disk.

There is no hardware fault on the disk only that when copying to it (as it was a network drive) it got full and that created some problem with the file table I guess.
But all files are on the disk and not corrupted.

So what can I do now?
Any ideas?
Question by:Gizmo
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Expert Comment

ID: 8128071
A few things you can do.  Boot to DOS and then run a full surface scan.  Pay close attention to the area where it may stop, this will tell you what folder or path the problem is in, if it stops.  You can then, depending upon the folder or path, attempt (through dos) to read this folder and copy off the files and delete the folder or path.  Then attempt to run Norton Disk doctor again.  
I also recommend you put another harddrive in the server as a backup and periodically image the primary or even use some automated RAID or mirroring, depending upon the criticality of what your doing with the data, otherwise just ghost or copy to the second drive.
If the above does not work, let me know as there are utilities that can assist with resolving the problem.

Author Comment

ID: 8128313
It's not possible to see anything on the disk.
When I try EasyRecovery it scans block and displays sevral filenames that it founds until block 5800.
Then it stops and just does nothing.

If I run chkdsk in a dosprompt it says:
"The type of the file system is NTFS.
Unable to determine volume version and state.  CHKDSK aborted."

So that don't do any good.
It's not a bootable disk that has this problem.
My C:\ disk with OS on works great.. It's the D:\ drive that is a file disk that is corrupted. (if that helps?).

What software/program do you refer to that does a surface scan?

The current OS I have the disk connected to is W2k Server.
The problem happend when it was running in a NT Server machine. (I have the disk here at work today that's why it's in a W2k server right now)

Expert Comment

ID: 8128788
if you can boot to a DOS prompt and then run scandisk.  You usually will see the paths on the bottom that are being scanned.  If the corrrupt path does not contain extreme data, you can possible delete the data on that corrupt path and allow scandisk to repair it and bypass it.
Let me know if that works for you.  I will also get some information on software packages.
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Expert Comment

ID: 8129695
Remove all mapped drives. UnMap them.
Run system Recovery
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Expert Comment

ID: 8129745
> The problem happend when it was running in a NT Server machine. (I have the disk here at work today that's why it's in a W2k server right now)

Base drive for NT you should limit to 2GB if you did not. NT has old 16-bit code that slips at the limit. Don't partition with higher level os and install lower, always go other way. Example, fDisk with DOS then install NT.

Expert Comment

ID: 8132518
If the BIOS sees the HDD I would get a copy of ghost and hook up another HDD.  Do a clone Disk to Disk with these switches

ghost -auto -fro -fnf

Expert Comment

ID: 8140095

How large is the D: drive? I had a total crash on my file storage array due to my messing around. I wiped out the FAT.

Easy Recovery Pro was worth the $$! Let it run. When you say it hung at 5800 how long did you let it sit?

When I first fired up ERP on my lost partition it took about 8 to 10 hours IIRC to bring up a list of all the folders and files, that's about 70 GB.

One caveat, if you didn't defragment the volume on a regular basis you may find that you will have lost everything!

I hope this helps!


Expert Comment

ID: 8141113

Try this site to create a ntfs boot disk.  You mention that you ran the disk out of space.  You may not have enough space to perform repairs to the system.  You may wish to boot using this program and delete any temp files on the HDD and then attempt to do a repair.

Expert Comment

ID: 9013865
i had this problem recently, the $MTF and the $MTFMIRR were corrupted, maybe this goes for you as well.

any recovery program that can extract data bypassing the MFT will help.

Author Comment

ID: 9013990
Scandisk could not handle the problem..
Either could Easy recovery pro (does not matter how long it would run)..

After some hard days of work looking for a software that could solve it I tried: "GetDataBackForNTFS" (Yes, that is the softwares name!).
After trying sevral softwares the above mentioned software was the only one that could restore the drive.

I can say that I lost NOTHING restoring the drive..

Thanks for the answers, but none of them solved my problem...


Expert Comment

ID: 9014008
no, neither scandisk nor chkdsk will help if the MFT is corrupted (running ntfsfix in linux will at least tell you that the MFT is bad).

i didn't loose any data either, used some different recovery program, getdatabackforntfs does not yield any results in google.


Author Comment

ID: 9014242
Here is there homepage:
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Expert Comment

ID: 9110847
With modern NT OS, one boots as if to install, selects repair instead and recover.
With filesystem getting trashed, Norton Utilities can help repair.
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