Quotas on mailboxes on Solaris

Does anybody know an efficient free software that can manage mailboxes and when the limit is reached the newlly received e-mail becomes undelivered?
Thanks a lot,
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unise_nlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The first thing which came up to me is to create a special filesystem for the mail directory and put quota rules on the different users.

    The program "procmail" is a replacement for the local mailer
(variously called /bin/mail, /usr/bin/mail, mail.local, rmail,
etc...).  It has been ported to run on virtually every OS you're
likely to run into, and has a whole host of features.  It is typically
about 30% faster performing the job of the local mailer than programs
such as /bin/mail or /usr/bin/mail, it has been hammered on widely to
make it extremely secure (much more so than most local mailers) and
very robust.  Procmail is also capable of helping you put a quota on a
user's mailbox through the standard Unix quota mechanism
Hmm, I wouldn't quite describe procmail as a replacement for the local mailer, but it can be setup to deal with quotas and send bounce mail if a user goes over quota.

On the other hand, the actual user-interfacing mail agents also need to know about the quotas. Assuming most of the users are accessing mail using POP or IMAP, that means having a POP/IMAP server that understands quotas.

I _think_ qmail can do quotas. There are also some commercial packages that do this.
ekolAuthor Commented:
I hope it will work in an efficient way.
Sometimes the simplest things are just a good solution and you keep searching for something extraordinary.

Thank you all
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