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Need help on site i work for

Posted on 2003-03-13
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-07
I tried.. i tried so hard for the site(www.agcm.biz) i work for to be in a good position in most of search engines.
And so recently i have optimized the homepage especially for keyword : b2b product for sale.

But nothing seames to be happening i can't even find the site in bad positions even.

Can anybody review http://www.agcm.biz and give me any advice how to improove a rank of it at least in google. It's a brand new site.

Also i have a question : could it be that engine drop me for oversubmiting. For example recently i did submited manualy and then i also submited the same day using web position gold. Recently i have find out that if you submit your site more than a 2 time a day they can bann you for that or something.

Also i'm using a web position gold programm for submiting.
I'm not even sure if i'm listed at all anywhere. After 3 month i've been submiting.
Question by:samarod
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Expert Comment

ID: 8130869
Well at least you are in google.

This search shows 28 pages indexed:
site:www.agcm.biz b2b

So cheer up. Start checking your web server logs and see if you are getting any hits.

As far as actual technical tips for search engine optimization, hopefully someone more in the know than me will pitch in.


Author Comment

ID: 8156982
Can you tell me how to work with the log files?

And how did you check that 28 pages indexed?

Best wishes,
Stepan Mavrin.

Expert Comment

ID: 8173811
I am a Search Engine submission consultant in the UK. Been doing this for 5 years so hope to be of some help.

Google allows you to check much of your performance using certain commands.
To check to see which pages have been indexed by google:

site:www.SITENAME.com <any term universally in your title bar>

This will search WITHIN your site for that term. If you use a universal term you know is on all pages, this will come back with every page in your site.

To check your link popularity (the most significant number for google to assess your position):


Search for this and click 'links' in the options you are presented with.

Most importantly DO NOT USE WebPosition gold, either to check your position or to submit:-

"Don't use unauthorized computer programs to submit pages, check rankings, etc. Such programs consume computing resources and violate our terms of service. Google does not recommend the use of products such as WebPosition Gold that send automatic or programmatic queries to Google."
From http://www.google.com/webmasters/guidelines.html 

So only manually submit and ensure you do this LESS than once a month. (I do it every 6 weeks for my clients).

I have just checked Google and you have NO links to your site!!! Sort this out NOW. This really should have been done before submission but it should be ok. If you do try to get some links (ensure they are reciprocal - get on the phone to your clients!) then hold off on the next submission....

Google checks Yahoo! for some information, PAY for a listing in Yahoo!, wait a week and you will be in. THEN resubmit to google. Google will run to Yahoo! first and find you there. Then when it trawls your site and finds all the links etc, you should be on the way.

Also, FYI "b2b product for sale" has been searched for LESS than 4 times in the last month or two. Not the best selected keyword. I suggest "b2b marketplace" - searched for (on average) 37 times PER DAY.

Hope this helps - of course, you could pay me to do it!! ;-)
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Expert Comment

ID: 8201046
I totally agree with bheroniphr:

a) Make sure you're linked from many pages with a similar topic. That will give you a much better ranking in google, especially if they have many links to them, too. If you find a link to your site, feel free to submit the referring page to google, too ;)

b) Try to get into yahoo.com and dmoz.org - These indexes will improve your google ranking, too.

c) Going up takes some time.

d) Yapp... Spamming is a bad idea.

Expert Comment

ID: 8243289
it takes time (3 months) and update them once every two months (or check their site to see how often you can resubmit your page)

use b2b more than 1x in your keyword and description, but in different combos I would use 2-3x
like b2b product, sale to b2b, b2b

superstition: b2b in the start middle and end of keywords

once you have a good ranking, don't resubmit anymore !!

here is my brag
.........#5 in a very hot market.

this is a search for home mortgage texas, it is page 1 on altavista, 2 on google,but still, this hasn't been updated for 2 YEARS!

I did milestone mortage about 2 years ago and targeted altavista...patience is the key.

ps don't judge me on the site...that is their problem, I don't work there anymore.


Expert Comment

ID: 8243347
also the key word needs to appear in the first few words of the page after the body

Expert Comment

ID: 8261041
Have you created a robots.txt file to inform search spiders where and how they should be searching your site?  The direction can be invaluable for providing relavant and quality links.

Expert Comment

ID: 8261076
---> Nuggets

Only a handful of spiders still look for this file. Worth putting in if it will take a few minutes, but don't bother to spend any time on it.

Expert Comment

ID: 8369633
if your target word is b2b product for sale you should have those exact words in your title, also include them in your description and keyword metatags.

You should also repeat the words b2b product for sale in your body text, preferably with headers.

That should give you a boost.
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Expert Comment

ID: 8371179
also, you need links to your site.. this will improve the rating.. you need alot though.  in fact, advertising on other sites would do wonders... you have to remember, you're competing with people who pay for rankings, and if you want to do well, you should pay for them too.  You're competing for space with people like microsoft and ibm who make b2b products..

You should really look into paying for better ranking... it can be real cheap and you can say "i've only got 300 bucks" and get listed for 300 dollars worth at the top... then those people hitting your site will improve your ranking until you get another 300 dollars to spend on ranking, and keep going around doing the same again and again...

i think the thought is now "only people whose site fits that description will bother to waste money on a ranking"

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Expert Comment

ID: 8371182
i had a site where if i typed in its name, it wouldn't even be listed in the top 50 sites... that was bad.

Expert Comment

ID: 8403683
I agree with bheroniphr in regards to not use web postion gold to check listings. An easy way to check is to use the advanced search feature on google, change results per page to 100 and type in your keyword. Once the listings come up, use Crtl F for find and search the page for your domain name. It takes about 2 minutes to search through the top 1,000 positions using this method. I keep track of results in a spreadsheet to see if I am moving up from month to month.

As far as optimizing, here are my suggestions:

1.  Add keyword you are targeting in the title of the page.

2.  Do spend time on meta keywords, google ignores these. Inktomi is the only search I can think of that is popular and uses them.

3.  Use your keyword in your anchor text (i.e. in the link to your homepage on other pages do not put "Home" put something like "B2B Home").

4.  Have all incoming links to your page use the keyword in the anchor text of the link.

5.  Get more incomeing links from simular sites with relevant content. There are several good business directories that you could add your site to.

6.  Do a keyword analysis of the page. There are several of these available free online if you search for keyword analysis.

7.  Analyze your keyword. Is it exactly what you want to target, how much traffic does it generate, how competitive is it. A great resource for this is wordtracker.com.

8.  Research more about seo. There are several good online forums dedicated to this. Some popular ones are webmasterworld.com , sitepoint.com and ihelpyouservices.com/forums .

9.  Install google tollbar. This has several nice features, namely shows pagerank of a site. PageRank is how many sites link back to your site and is a big determinant for position. For example your site has a pr of 3 and the site that comes up first for your keyword has a pr 7.

I hope this helps you out.

Expert Comment

ID: 8406880
if you are very serious about promoting the site, sponsoring your site with Overture can give very good results.  You bid for how good you are on a search term.
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