monitor shutdown problem

Hi to all,
i have severall computers with winme,win2000,and winxp installed on them.
now i have [roblem that when my monitor shuts down there is no way to back to windows and i have to restart systems.
i know in normal situation when i move the mouse every thing must be ok and i must back to windows.
i checked power managenement in control panel,all of monitor are set to (NEVER) shutdown. also hard disks are set similarly.
how can i solve these problem.
thx in advance
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aftershoqConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If that checks out ok, then you might want to look at power management inside your Bios.  Sometimes there are conflicts with Windows power management and the Bios' power management.
Are your sure the standby and hybernate settings are not set to any time variables? I would double check the power settings Start>Control Panel>Power Settings>
I have had this issue before on compaq monitors.
Try seeing if there is a specific driver for your monitors.

Once I installed the compaq monitor driver all was ok.

A second thing to try would be firing up the PC in VGA mode and see if the issue still happens....

You could have an issue with the profile... but if this is happening to all of your machines i wouldnt have thougt so...

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