Create a new ActiveX Excel Object to report data in VBSCRIPT / JAVASCRIPT

Posted on 2003-03-13
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Last Modified: 2008-03-10
i have used the following code to open up an excel activexobject

Set xl = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

' Show Excel.
xl.Visible = True

' Open the file.
xl.Workbooks.Open "C:\test.xls"

the code however does not trigger or open up an Excel spreadsheet.

Kindly assist on how i would create a new excel object and represent my data in the cells.

thanking you
Question by:Rika
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Expert Comment

ID: 8128240
is Excel installed on the server? is the xls in that folder? Permissions on that folder allow IUSR_ to open it?

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It is not a question of the Extensions.. but rather one of having the registered code (the Excel Object Model DLL in this case) on the machine that you are doing the Excel file access. As you have Excel installed and registered on your machine.. all the necessary Excel program components are in place. As the Server does not have Excel installed, it does not have the necessary program code requirement.. and hence you receive the "ActiveX Cannot Be Found" error message.

To get the necessary Excel components to achieve what you want, Excel has to be installed on the Server. I know it suggz.. but Bill Gates didn't get to be a gazillionaire for doing nothing.. <sigh>.

If you can't install Excel on the Server, then you have one of two choices.

1) Lose the Excel spreadsheet and use another file type.. for data storage / retrieval.. (such as Microsoft Jet which is easily transportable.. and comes license free).

2) Have your ASP run an Out Of Process Component on a client machine that has Excel installed on it, to do all of your spreadsheet I/O. This is a much more complicated solution and let me add a much slower way to do this, but it will work if you want to put the energy into it.

Author Comment

ID: 8128472
Hi .. thanks for your efficient response.

firstly.. i need to create a New Excel Spreadsheet. It does not already exist.

i am not sure whether the server does have excel because i assumed that if the client had a copy of Excel it should execute of the accessing terminal.  Well u learn everyday. I'm a grad! I will look into it though and reply. :)

i tested it by popping a msgbox before the Excel open call and after the open call and the 2nd msgbox does not pop up after the
Set xl = server.CreateObject("Excel.Application")

any ideas?

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Accepted Solution

markhoy earned 200 total points
ID: 8128557
Dim ExcelObject
Set ExcelObject = GetObject(, "Excel.application")

If ExcelObject is Nothing then
Msgbox "Didn't work"
ExcelObject.Quit  'close it
End If

Do you want to save your .xls file to the server or the client.  If you want to write an ASP page that will pull data from your Access database, you can display it in your browser window as and Excel spreadsheet.  This will only work if you have Excel installed on your client machine and if you are using IE.  All you need to do is add the following line to your code.  Here is some sample code that will create a no-frills excel report.

Response.ContentType = "application/vnd.ms-excel"
     for i = 0 to studentRS.Fields.Count -1
          sNames = sNames & (studentRS.Fields(i).Name & chr(9))
     sNames = left(sNames, len(sNames) - 1)
     Response.Write(sNames) & vbcrlf
     do until studentRS.EOF
          for x = 0 to studentRS.Fields.Count - 1
               sRecord = sRecord & studentRS.Fields(x).Value & chr(9)
          sRecord = left(sRecord, len(sRecord)-1)
          Response.Write(sRecord) & vbcrlf
          sRecord = ""
If you want to create this report on the server, I do not think it's possible to do without using a COM object and having Excel installed on the server.


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