how to grayscale the24 bit bitmap

Hello experts,
I have 1 question.
I have displayed 24 bit bitmap on client area.
now I have to convert it grayscale image how I do?
because there is no palette for 24 bit as know
how to do it.
please anybody can give me some solution for this.
thank you
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Get buffer with image data.
   For example:

     void *ImageData;

   In this data are pixels stored in BGR format. Memory can see as "BGRBGRBGRBGRBGRBGR....", all you need to do
is read every byte and calculate their average value:

   unsigned char r,g,b, back;
   __int16 temp;

   for (i=0;i<end of data;i+=3)
       // first block
       memcpy(&b, (void *)((DWORD)ImageData),1);
       memcpy(&g, (void *)((DWORD)ImageData + 1),1);
       memcpy(&r, (void *)((DWORD)ImageData + 1),1);

       // second block
       temp = (r + g + b) / 3;
       back = (unsigned char) temp;

       // third block
       memcpy((void *)((DWORD)ImageData),&b,1);
       memcpy((void *)((DWORD)ImageData + 1),&g,1);
       memcpy((void *)((DWORD)ImageData + 1),&r,1);

First block read RGB of a pixel. (see BGR direction)
Second is for calculate average value and store again
into back ( unsigned int )
Third is for putting pixel back to memory

BUT: !!!
  Now I'm tired even I don't know if there are "&r" or "r" in memory functions

  Don't forget, that one scanline must be flush for 4 byte blocks.
image_nationAuthor Commented:
No friends..
You haven't tell me Grayscaling of 24 bit BMP.
You told @ 8bit BMP thats easy.
plz send ur views @ it
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Yes he have, because one char has 8bit and 3*8 = 24bit !!
You can't do a 24 bit grayscale. There is only an 8-bit DAC on the output. Plus, gray, by definition, has the red, green, and blue values the same. each component can only range from 0 to 255. By my calculations, that's only 255 different shades of gray.
I mean 256.
That's nice, but in 24 bit TrueColor you can do,
I think, 768 types of gray. I've write that program.

I've got on your mind this:
1.  0  0  0
2.  1  1  1
3.  2  2  2
255. 255 255 255

, but another choice is:

1. 0 0 0
2. 0 0 1
3. 0 1 1
4. 1 1 1
5. 1 1 2
6. 1 2 2

.. and so on
Well, if you find a way to get more than 256 values out of 8 bits please share it with the world. By definition, gray has each color component set to the same value and each component is only 8 bits.


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