Can't browse VPN...

Running a Windows 2000 Server with RRAS.

Clients can connect to VPN.  It is assigning the connection an IP.
Now, how do I browse the computers, map network drives, etc.


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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you using DHCP to assign the addresses for the VPN clients, or using an address pool? How do you handle netbios name resolution inside your LAN? D-DNS? WINS? Neither?
On your client, you may need to setup an LMHOSTS file:

BlueTraneAuthor Commented:
DHCP is used.  DNS handles name res.  I've also installed Netbeui just in case.  Still doesn't work.  I can search and find specific computers but cannot browse them in Network Places.
What OS on the clients? Try the LMHOSTS on a test client.
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BlueTraneAuthor Commented:
I've tried Windows 2000 and Windows XP clients.
What is LMHOSTS?
Read the links I provide above regarding LMHOSTS file. It is Microsoft way to provide netbios name resolution in absence of local WINS servers, and broadcasts are not allowed (accross a WAN/VPN) link.
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BlueTraneAuthor Commented:
Sorry it has taken so long.  We lost out ISP along with a static IP so the VPN was put lower on the priority level.  Now with a true T1 we're cooking again.

I've researched a little bit more.  I've installed WINS on the server and we still cannot browse.

I can type \\SERVER and the network drives come up so I know DNS is working.  I'll go ahead and award you the points for being persistent.  If you come up with anything let me know!!  I don't want to create LMHOSTS files...hehe.


Perhaps you can find something here that will help:
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