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WAN sends packets, but does not receive them

I have broadband ISP running through a router to connect a Win98 machine and a XP home edition laptop.

This WAN has been working in the past but all of a sudden it is not.  

The signal is good, and it shows I'm sending out packets.  But I cannot receive any packets.

Thus, I cannot receive email, internet access, etc.

1 Solution
can you still ping a public ip add or a website..
what kind of router do you have
FIrst off, try rebooting both your machine and the router/terminal addapter.  Second make sure the phone cable is good, as well as check other phones (go around, unplug them and see if it makes a difference.)

After that, you may need to call your provider and see if there's an outage in your area.
AWPAuthor Commented:
Icedbacon - I didn't think to try pinging anything.  I'll try that.

Matguy - this is a cable modem, broadband, not using a phone line.  I've rebooted multiple times and the router.  I know there's no outage, the pc unit is surfer the net fine.

I'll let you know about the pinging.
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Another thing to check, is sometimes with cable modems they'll look like they're on, but not really be on, so after power cycling it's a good idea to hit the power button if not all the lights are on (or blinking.)

Another thing to check is to see if the router is getting an IP address from the cable DHCP server, you should be able to find a stats screen on the setup page for the router.  If it's not getting an IP you know it's something with the provider.  Also, try connecting straight to one of the machines and see what happens, if it browses fine, it's likely to be the router.
AWPAuthor Commented:
I did a ping from the cmd line and it's timing out.  Nothing has been changed on this unit.  The router is working fine.  

What's next?

The Router is a Linksys WRT-54G Wireless Router.
The wireless card is the Linksys WPC-54G Wireless Adapter.
AWPAuthor Commented:
Somehow the WEP config was messed up on the laptop.  I reconfigured it and now it accepts packets and internet traffic just fine.
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