Assembly - Displaying Graphics (Gif or Bitmap)

I've been coding a small Operating System (wheeee!!!) and, well, I wanna display a logo on bootup. I've been searching google and all over the place for help on this. I can't find how to display a bitmapped graphic or at least a gif!

I have Assembly creating the printf() commands and such for my .c program that runs part of the OS, so I need to have a way to either do it in ASM or in C...
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You can try to use the same method that is used in Linux
to print penguin logo during the boot:

Take a look at this program. It draws in real mode while
screen, but it shows how to fill graphic video buffer.
Morph007x2bAuthor Commented:
Eh? Your saying I have to do it pixel by pixel?!

If so, how would I use that code (from dimitry) to make a lil code equivlent to QBasic's for loop to read Data from a file?




Which will give me a diagnol line.....If this is impossible, then state it please :).
The simplest way is to do the job pixel by pixel.
You are talking about small OS... :)
Also during the boot your resources are usually restricted.

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Morph007x2bAuthor Commented:
Well, thankx. I'll accept that as an answer.
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