how to get wine working

ok i got redaht linux 8.0 on my computer and i installed wine(the newest version), but it doesnt work. i am kinda new to linux and i just cant figure out how to start the program. i cant find an executable or something like that i only found one in some directory(i think /etc/bin) but nothing happened when i open it. in some other directories there was stuff of wine , but nothing that could be run. i also got a bunch of .patch files i am supposed to aply to wine but i dont know what to do with em, if i open em they just open as texts.
thanks in advance
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Wine is a program which is used to run windows executables (.exe). you can run small .exe files of windows by the command "wine minesweeper.exe". so you need the windows executables in your system. So just issue the command "wine " along with the appropriate .exe file. this is enough to run smaller .exe programs like solitaire, calculator, minesweeper etc...,. If you need to configure wine for more function, there is a configurtion file for wine known as "config" . you want to create in a directory called .wine in your home directory. there you can set the path of windows .dll files. note that for this to work you need a windows installation in your linux  machine..
Even better, look around for "winesetuptk", it's a nifty lil'program that automagicly sets up a decent wine environment, with mapped drives and included cdrom-support.

One thing though, and please don't take this personal rebel, but it looks like you need to learn how to *really* use linux first before fiddling with wine (cfr "if i open em they just open as texts.").

It's a fine emulator, but it usually requires some custom magical-fiddling if you want something running, other then solitaire.exe or minesweeper.exe ;)

Winesetuptk will help you get a basic environment, but you should go about ´man wine´.



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soul_rebelAuthor Commented:
sorry it took so long.....
i already got it working but forgot my pwd for ee to accept one of the answers
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