2 or more checkbox in a CListCtrl


What I’m trying to do is have a CListCtrl with 3 columns (in report view)
One columns with text, the other two columns with a check box.

thx for your help

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You will have to overwriet OnPaint() on CListCtrl to paint checkboxes in two columns. You may be able to find samples at codeproject.cop or codeguru.com

 You will need an Owner Drawn CListCtrl

 He is a sample

 During the drawing process you will have to dynmaically add a checkbox to the CListCtrl.

 First determine an ID range for the checkboxes say 0xe000 to 0xf000

 Next, when its time to draw add the checkbox with the CListCtrl as the parent. The CRect cooordinates can be garnered from the OwnerDraw rect. Increment the ID each time you add a Check box.

 Use ON_NOTIFY_RANGE to monitor when a CheckBox has been clicked.

 I don't think there is an example of this around. If this is a solution for you we can help you work through it.

funvillAuthor Commented:
re: williamcampbell

thats a little over my head.
i tryed for about 1hr and couldn't get any where.
i need an example.

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funvillAuthor Commented:
re: williamcampbell

thats a little over my head.
i tryed for about 1hr and couldn't get any where.
i need an example.

Try this, it is what I did.


I downloaded the project, copied the XListCtrl and associated files into my directory and used this code.

(I know it is somewhat cheating but I did not have the time and it works. Hans Dietrich is the author.)

m_ListCtrl.SetExtendedStyle( m_ListCtrl.GetExtendedStyle()  | LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECT | LVS_EX_GRIDLINES);

m_ListCtrl.InsertColumn(0, "Location", LVCFMT_LEFT, 120);
m_ListCtrl.InsertColumn(1, "Category", LVCFMT_CENTER, 120, 1);
m_ListCtrl.InsertColumn(2, "Threat", LVCFMT_CENTER, 70, 2);

int index;

m_ListCtrl.LockWindowUpdate();     // ***** lock window updates while filling list *****

for(index = 0; index < whatever; index++)
    m_ListCtrl.InsertItem(index, Location);
    m_ListCtrl.SetItemText(index-1, 1, Category);
    m_ListCtrl.SetCheckbox(index-1, 2, 1);

m_ListCtrl.UnlockWindowUpdate(); // ***** unlock window up

See if that will help.
I know that it is somewhat overkill, but it is a great class. You may want to use other capabilities of the class also.  Hans did a good job.


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funvillAuthor Commented:
great just what i wanted thx
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