Please help urgently need a real expert

dear all:
this is a very strange thing plerase help
using windows 2000 server SP2, two domains(DomainA, DomainB), trust realtion working fine.

i need to start IIS and make the server available on the netwrok

server can only see itself on the network
serverB on the same domainA can see and access the server(abit slow)
users on domainB cannt see the server. gives them error message (the security DB does not have an account for the computer, check trust,,, it is working fine even from the defected server)
IIS admin is running but www,smtp, are not working (error message that they are hung).
when trying to use internet service manager it gives cannt connect to server.
unable to  browse the network is given when clicking on my network placses when there is a click on clients for microsft network. when removed server can only see him self.
Please help me out in this


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The two domains are NT4 domains correct ?
Can the serverB ping serverA ? can serverA ping serverB ? Can the servers ping their domain controlers ?
If these are NT4 domains have you tried to recreate the trust. Also check to make sure that NETBios over TCP/IP is enabled.

Here's a couple initial steps:

How are your systems resolving names? DNS and or WINS? Also, as the browser is at times, flaky, it may take a while to locate additional systems. Are you using this system as a web server only? Is the W3svc service running? Can you ping ip and or hosts? Can you connect to a share using UNC path either with ip or name ie. \\server\c$ or \\ip-address\share.
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Laith98Author Commented:
hi all:
Using 2000 Domains


i am using it as a web server but Exchange 2000, MS Proxy are installed but i have disabled all the services for Exchange and proxy.
the system is able of resolving DNS names but unable of resolving NetBios names.
i can ping both hosts and IP on the network.
i cannt not connect to any share niether by IP nor by name and it gives the following error ( the seurity database on the server does not havea computer account for this workstation trust relation.
i dont know how to check if the w3svc is running or not.

i am getting a browser error and (the Bro srv failed to retrieve the back up list too many times on transport \device\netbt_tcpip_{32A63233-B... the backup browser is stoping)
another error MRxsmb the redirector was unable to reinitialize secuirty context...
the error related to the WWW is the service terminated due to authentication service is unknown

another error:SAM failed to start the TCP/IP or SPX/IPX listening thread

i will try to reestablish the trust
Please help
Sounds to me like your running win2k small biz server. SBS is a single-domain solution. If you are running SBS that is why you cant connect with the other domain.
Listen do u have IIS enabled or not
because w3svc is the log file for ur IIS

 u could enable by going Internet service manager/Right default website /properties /web site all the way in bottom u see the box it say enable logging w3c extended log file format.

 but I give u a suggestion go to ur server command line run NETDIAG then u find out if network passes the test  specialy DNS.

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Laith98Author Commented:
Vahik IIS is enabled now after reinstalling it shall i disabled it and retried to start the WWW services and the sae message is there (the authentication serivce is unknown)
NetDiag fials with the following error
[FATAL] failed to get system informtation for this machine?

now i suspect the problems are:
1- with NTB protocol for being not able to view any of the computers around me from my network places the weird thing is when i search for a computer name i see it but cannt access it due to error in security DB and trust relation - i have re-estalished the trust again.

2- there seems to be an error of the DC authenticatin g services.

please i have narrowed down the prolems, how can i fix it with out having to reformat the HDD from Scratch.....

I tell u hard to fix the problem without being there

 But can u tell me ur DNS and GC setup
and also go log files give all the error #
Laith98Author Commented:
tried all of the diagnostic tools available.
i have read the artical from microsoft earlier but the Remote Registery Service didnt start when i checked it, the info said either internal windows error or internal service error which led me to no options but to format the HDD and reinstall Windows.

ok now for the points i think both of Vahik and mcscotsman are entitled to split the points of this question

EE Modertators how can i do that

thanks alot for the help guys.
under the collaboration you'll see split.. Just click on that and choose the points you would like to assign

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