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HP 970 Cse only printing pink & black! Help???

I hope someone can help me.  I was printing along just fine when all of a sudden my HP 970 Cse started printing only pink (shades of) and black.  So, I changed the color cartridge.

No luck.  It still prints only pinks and black.

So, I checked the drivers w/ HP, everything is fine there.  Did all the wizards I possible could and nothing has helped.

That was last night.

Today, I took out the cartridges and over on the right inside the machine started pulling out yukky dried old ink from the inkwell (didn't even know that was there til I got so frustrated with this thing!)

I got alot of old ink out of there, put the new cartridges back in and it STILL only prints the black and pink.  I'm totally frustrated now.  I hope one of you wise ones can help me.

And, if anyone knows how to get all this ink off of my fingers, that would be great.


Di - printer frazzled
1 Solution
you might check the cables running in the back of the Carriage Assembly...it is the part that holds the ink cartridges...slides on a bar

also might check to see if the contacts on the cartridges and carriage look okay and not all covered in ink.
DianeKPAuthor Commented:
Hi and thanks.  What would I be looking for re the cables.  They look fine, but what do I know?

DianeKPAuthor Commented:
Hi and thanks.  What would I be looking for re the cables.  They look fine, but what do I know?

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Check in the manual for things to do at service, if there sin't any I'd say either buy a new one, since thoose printers are quite cheap or get it serviced, which might cost some.

You might need to replace some broken part and it's not easy to find out which one and most of the time isn't worth the trouble.

/Hans - Erik Skyttberg
Not sure on this one, but I can only guess that the interconnect on the color pen chute is dirty or defective. Soak a q-tip in alcohol (rubbing, not drinking) and lightly rub the little gold contacts you see when you look into the slot where the color cartridge goes. Also, make sure you don't confuse which cartidge is your old one, and which is your new one.

pstallbaumer has a good tip with cleaning the contacts, be sure to clean them on the back of the cartridge too. Also, if the new cart was swiped over the dirty cleaning station, it could have gunked up the print head. Take a paper towel, fold it over and dampen it with how water. Pat the print heads unto it lightly, releasing any ink buildup. Don't Rub! Also, don't use Alcohol on any print heads, it'll dry them up.
Hi. Just dissconnect the printer from the PC and do a self test of the printer. See how the printout looks and tell us. When you changed cartridges did you put in brand new ones or old refilled ones, please tell . Frist do a self test of the printer and then we will solve your problem.
DianeKPAuthor Commented:
Folks, thanks for all the help but it turned out to be two bad ink cartridges.

I went and bought a brand new one and it works fine now.

Thanks for all your help.

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