Attempting to access add printer area in Win98 causes systems to lockup.

I have 6 Win98 Dell boxes on a domain network.  All the machines are part of the same domain.  The printers in question are all HPs on the same domain and also all hardware involved is on the same subnet and segment of the wan.   When I go to install a printer via the "START" button, "Settings", then "Printers" the systems lock up.  This happens if I try to add a printer via the control panel also.  The machines just freeze, no blue screens or errors listed.

I know that the hardware is good on the main machine I am troubleshooting.  I am able to print from a DOS prompt to LPT1.  However, I can only do this if I boot to a command prompt.  I cannot print from a command prompt inside the Win 98 shell.

I should also note that there are win2k boxes on this network and there is no issue printing at this time.  It is not a permissions issue. Some of the printers are local and directly connected to the printer via a parallel cable.

I have extracted and reinstalled all the "spool" system files. I have had the virus scanner avoid scanning the windows/system/spool folders as well as any file with the term "spool" in it.

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SpideyModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PAQ'd and all 50 points refunded.

Community Support Moderator @Experts Exchange
Ok micwal
    It might be the problem of your software itself did you recoverd your windows coltrol.ini and try again.
    If the problem will stay the same then directly install the correct softwae provided by HPs along with your printer and keep try a backup of windows 98 on your system. some times it needs when ever you are installing drivers.
ok good luck.
micwalAuthor Commented:
The problem itself is adding printers.  It is as if the printing subsystem has a corruption.  I cannot get to the point in windows of adding a printer.  
micwalAuthor Commented:
I fixxed the problem.  It turns out that the antivirus program I was using hosed the spoolss.dll files on these machines.  I also had to go in safe mode and remove the printers, reboot, and then reinstall the printers.  I found a fix that involved using the the same file from ME.  It apparantly is not damaged by the a/v program.  

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