LEO designote bios password

hi guys!

i am completely new to the laptop computers.  Recently i was presented with a laptop

LEO Designote Personal Computer
Model NO:  Designote

when i switched on the laptop, it gives me message that "no phoenix partition is detected" and then it is asking password, which obviously i dont know!!!

i have completely examined the laptop.  it has no CD drive.  it only has one floppy drive.  actually i wanted to install a windows 95 or windows 98.  plz guide me.
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
   First you need to get by the Bios password. Ask the person who gave you the laptop what the password is. Otherwise, you wlll have to get into the motherboard to remove the CMOS battery. Wait 10 minutes. Reinstall it.
Once you get pass the password, you can find out what is on the harddisk.
   Second should be able to swap out the floppy disk for a CDROM. Ask the person who gave you the laptop what happened to the CDROM. Hopefully he or she has it or you will have to buy another one.
   When you remove the password and get a CDROM, we'll talk about installing software.

Best wishes, war1
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