for gj62

>>I won't mind that you gave the points to akshayxx, who shouldn't post code for homework questions...

Cool down GJ62:
well there is a difference between full source solution and a piece of code .. required to get the things going ..

points is not the thing that i care for that much  , i get the high from the fact that, i wrote something which some others coudlnt do.. ( not you or other experts)..
though points is a kinda  measure for such things.. but still not accurate and well balanced, add as many words as u wish ..

I appreciate your expertise and many times even i get to learn new things from your comments, and His accepting that comment or some more also, above yours , doesnt deny this fact..

and i try avoid posting codes for simple problems..(ya ya i cant post for harder ones also ) ...
many times i just start off with comments and stop following the question when some other 'expert' comes and post the codes.. which are very well described in my comments ..

ya sometimes ( u can say always ) i post codes for looking simple OR looking , actual home works .. but that depends a lot on my mood and  pain in my wrist ..
( btw u have any solution .. how can i work 12-15 hrs and still keep my wrist in good health)

i have lot more to say .. but may be u'll get bored .. so say hi and take the 'points'

P.S. are you guessing that i dont have any work .. u came pretty close
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gj62Connect With a Mentor Commented:
No worries - it was a bit toungue-in-cheek anyhow - I need to put in more <grins> when I do that...  

I don't care all that much about pts, but really want people who are in classes to *think* about a solution, rather than taking the easy way out.  

I knew a guy who used voice-recognition software to do coding after breaking both wrists.  It took him several weeks to "train" it, but said that it relieved him of most of his typing, but it was not nearly as fast. Check out

I had been trying for an email ID with my initials on a site - I had tried up to GJ14 with no luck and finally just entered GJ62 - it stuck, and I've used it ever since...
akshayxxAuthor Commented:
btw .. whats 62 means in ur id .. its ur age OR ur birth year ..OR.. OR... OR ur gf's age :P
akshayxxAuthor Commented:
nice to hear from you,
thats really an amaing story , and only for inspiring stories of such people , that i do all my stuff on my own.
thanks for sharing.
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