IIS Hosted webpage sending email to Exchange 5.5/2000 server via SMTP

Posted on 2003-03-13
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-06

My resident programmer is having problems writing a webpage in PHP that submits an email containing web page information to email account on the companies Exchange Server via SMTP.  
The code he wrote works fine when using a (non production) Linux server that is running send mail, however the projects call for using the Live (production) Exchange Server.  

There is a firewall between the 2 servers, but is open for port 25.

The programmer says the code is correct, however he is only change the SMTP server variable.

Here is a copy of the code that is currently work with a Linux box

Can anyone help ?



    function read_response($socket) {
        // This will contain the last status message from the SMTP server
        $response    = fgets($socket, 1024);
        $status     = substr($response, 0, 1); // Grab the first number of the status msg
        $message     = substr($response, 0, strlen(trim($response)));
        $resp_msg    = $message . "<br>";
        return array($status=>$resp_msg);

    function send_email($settings, $return_errors = true) {
        // Set some constants
        $STATUS_OK             = "2";
        $STATUS_DATA_OK     = "3";
        $CRLF                 = "\n";

        // Pull in any globals
        global $error, $HTTP_HOST;

        // Set the success or fail flag to fail
        $send_success = false;

        // Set some defaults
        if (empty($settings[crlf]))     $settings[crlf]     = "<br>";
        if (empty($settings[host]))     $settings[host]     = "smtp.mydomain.com";      
        if (empty($settings[port]))     $settings[port]     = "25";
        if (empty($settings[domain]))     $settings[domain]     = $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"];
        if (empty($settings[prior]))     $settings[prior]     = 3; // Normal Priority

        // Let's do some error checking
        if (empty($settings[to]))         $error .= "TO address not specified" . $settings[crlf];
        if (empty($settings[from]))     $error .= "FROM address not specified" . $settings[crlf];
        if (empty($settings[msg]))         $error .= "MSG not speficied" . $settings[crlf];
        if (empty($settings[domain]))     $error .= "DOMAIN not specified" . $settings[crlf];

        if (empty($settings[reply]))    $settings[reply] = $settings[from];
        if (empty($settings[errors]))    $settings[errors] = $settings[reply];

        // Pull out the simple email if they are putting in 'name <email@domain.com>'
        if (ereg("(([[:alnum:]]|\\-|\\.)+@([^[:space:]]*)([[:alnum:]-]))", $settings[to], $reg_array)) {
            $simple_to = $reg_array[0];
        } else {
            $simple_to = $settings[to];
        if (ereg("(([[:alnum:]]|\\-|\\.)+@([^[:space:]]*)([[:alnum:]-]))", $settings[from], $reg_array)) {
            $simple_from = $reg_array[0];
        } else {
            $simple_from = $settings[from];

        // If we already have errors, don't even attempt to open the socket
        if (!empty($error)) {
            if ($return_errors) {
                return $error;
            } else {
                return false;

        if ($socket = fsockopen($settings[host], $settings[port])) {
            list($status, $resp_msg) = each(read_response($socket));
            if ($status == $STATUS_OK) {
                fputs($socket, "HELO " . $settings[domain] . $CRLF);
                list($status, $resp_msg) = each(read_response($socket));
                if ($status == $STATUS_OK) {
                    fputs($socket, "MAIL FROM:" . $simple_from . $CRLF);
                    list($status, $resp_msg) = each(read_response($socket));
                    if ($status == $STATUS_OK) {
                        fputs($socket, "RCPT TO: " . $simple_to . $CRLF);
                        list($status, $resp_msg) = each(read_response($socket));
                        if ($status == $STATUS_OK) {
                            fputs($socket, "DATA" . $CRLF);
                            list($status, $resp_msg) = each(read_response($socket));
                            if ($status == $STATUS_DATA_OK) {
                                $buffer = "From: " . $settings[from] . $CRLF;
                                $buffer .= "To: " . $settings[to] . $CRLF;
                                if (!empty($settings[cc])) {
                                    $buffer .= "CC: " . $settings[cc] . $CRLF;
                                if (!empty($settings[bcc])) {
                                    $buffer .= "BCC: " . $settings[bcc] . $CRLF;
                                $buffer .= "Reply-To: " . $settings[reply] . $CRLF;
                                $buffer .= "Errors-To: " . $settings[errors] . $CRLF;
                                $buffer .= "Bounce-To: " . $settings[errors] . $CRLF;
                                $buffer .= "X-Priority: " . $settings[prior] . $CRLF;
                                $buffer .= "X-Mailer: QUICK-N-DIRTY Mailer w/PHP " . phpversion() . $CRLF;
                                $buffer .= "Subject: " . $settings[subject] . $CRLF;
                                $buffer .= $CRLF;
                                $buffer .= $settings[msg];

                                // echo nl2br($buffer);
                                if (fputs($socket, $buffer . "$CRLF.$CRLF")) {
                                    list($status, $resp_msg) = each(read_response($socket));
                                    if ($status == $STATUS_OK) {
                                        $send_success = true;
                                        fputs($socket, "QUIT" . $CRLF);
                                } // Close fputs of buffer
                            } // Close status of DATA command
                        } // Close status of RCPT TO command
                    } // Close status of MAIL FROM command
                } // Close status of HELO command
            } // Close status of SMPT welcome
        } else {
            $error .= "Unable to establish initial connection with " . $settings[host] . ":" . $settings[port] . $settings[crlf];

        if (!empty($resp_msg)) {
            $error .= $resp_msg . $settings[crlf];

        if ($send_success) {
            return true;
        } else {
            if ($return_errors && isset($error)) {
                return $error;
            } else {
                return false;

Question by:markcrees
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Accepted Solution

iozturk earned 672 total points
ID: 8134696
Activate your SMTP service and in internet Information Services aplet, right click SMTP ->properties->delivery->advanced delivery write smart host as []
and change change smtp server variable to your server.

Assisted Solution

arthuryeung earned 664 total points
ID: 8135106
You probably have not enable relay mail in your SMTP server.

You can go to the SMTP Server, in your IIS Management Console and right click on your SMTP Server -> Properties -> Access -> Relay -> Add

Try to add the ip of the Web Server to the granted list.

hope this can help

Expert Comment

ID: 8135155
You probably have not enable relay mail in your SMTP server.

You can go to the SMTP Server, in your IIS Management Console and right click on your SMTP Server -> Properties -> Access -> Relay -> Add

Try to add the ip of the Web Server to the granted list.

hope this can help
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bolesj earned 664 total points
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Have you tried using the builtin php Mail() command to test?


[just a thought]
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