Windows 2000 notebook problem logging in

I have a Compac Armada 6500 Pentium II-300 notebook with Win2K that I need to get some data off from, but in the process of trying to get it on the network, I did something and now I can't even log in anymore with the username and password the owner gave me. This login had worked, but I suspect what I did wrong was change the domain name (I think) to my own network's name under the network identification tab.

I can't boot with anything else than the harddisk - the CD-drive doesn't seem to be working and there isn't a stiffy drive. I can't even plug in the harddisk to another machine because we don't have another laptop that I could swop the harddrives with.

All I need to do is copy some files of the harddrive. It's not important to keep the user profiles or anything - I just want to get my data off.

There are two possible ways to solve my problem that I can think of : either change the domain back or
get the cd-drive to work. If I can just somehow login again, I could even get the data off with a parralel cabel.

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SimonL-UKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can get a 2.5' to 3.5' converter.  That way, you can plug it into a standard PC.

Unless the orwner has got Windows encrypted documents on the laptop, you should just be able to log onto the laptop with your domain credentials and access the data.  If you have not got local administrator priviledges, phone your friend up and get the user credentials.
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