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Apache rewrite rules and various sub-directories

I have a quick question about rewrite rules that I havn't been able to crack all day. The problem is thus:
I have a members directory located under / (ie. http://xxx.com/Members/) and I've allowed the members access simply by xxx.com/mymembername/ (redirecting all requests to /Members - no probs), but the thing is ALL requests are processed this way (including requests to /Images, or if they enter /Members/xxx anyway etc). How can I stop this from happening? My rewrite rules thus far:

# don't re-direct /Member/ or /Images/
RewriteCond     ^\/([^\/]+)      ^\/Members.*     [OR]
RewriteCond     ^\/([^\/]+)     ^\/Images.*    
RewriteRule        ^\/([^\/]+)      -                [L]
# redirect everything else
RewriteRule      ^\/([^\/]+)(\/.*)   /var/www/xxx.com/Members/$1$2 [L]

What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

1 Solution

Just to clean things up a bit, and to make things easier for you, why aren't you just writing your rewrite conditions in the negative (with the ! ), like this:

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/Members/
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/Images/
RewriteRule ^\/([^\/]+)(\/.*) /var/www/xxx.com/Members/$1$2

Does this help?

Some places to reference:


Mr_InvisibleAuthor Commented:
My Apologies, I forgot I had started this thread. I found an answer, and in the event anyone else has the problem my solution is below. BTW I tried negating it, but by the looks of it I was on the wrong track anyway.

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
# we want to be able to have the member name as a root folder, but this is messy if we create them in the root folder.So we use mod_rewrite to check if the REQUEST_FILENAME is a directory or file under the /Members/ folder - if it is, then redirect, otherwise check for other patterns.
     # Re-Write trickery
     RewriteEngine on
     RewriteLog "/var/log/apache/xxx.com/rewrite.log"
     RewriteLogLevel 1
     # redirect these if they exist
     RewriteCond     /var/www/xxx.com/Members%{REQUEST_FILENAME}     -d     [OR]
     RewriteCond     /var/www/xxx.com/Members%{REQUEST_FILENAME}     -f
     RewriteRule     ^/(.*)     http://xxx.com/Members/$1     [L]    

     # Don't redirect these
     RewriteRule ^/Images/     -     [L]
     RewriteRule ^/Members/     -     [L]
     RewriteRule ^/inc/     -     [L]
     RewriteRule ^/MyCMS/     -     [L]
     RewriteRule ^/Admin/     -     [L]
     RewriteRule ^/test/     -     [L]

     # redirect '/xxx/' (assuming xxx is a member) - last chance to redirect something
     RewriteRule ^\/([^\/]+)(\/.*)     http://xxx.com/Members/$1$2     [L]

This is what worked for me, the only downside was if the member had an index file the same name as a root file, it would get that instead.
Now, is there anyway to close this thread, or does someone just kill it?

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